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Cheesed off with supermarkets and lack of scooters!

I had to go shopping in a supermarket today, and was annoyed when I had gone less that 200 yards and the scooter broke down. Happened the previous week too, but twice.

Does anyone else get fed up with this?

By the way, I came home and rang the store to complain. The scooters are parked halfway down the store, as I pointed out to them, IF I could walk that far, I wouldn't need a scooter!

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Jules: The supermarket said they leave the scooters there due to kids playing with them. This way the til staff can keep kids off them??? Pity the til staff or someone didn't keep their eyes on them being charged.

I have also been accosted by rude people, in a queue for the til in my wheelchair and this "gentleman" stepped over my legs, sadly for him I had my walking stick with me and caught him right in the particulars lol. I have got stuck in the aisles, some shops I cannot even get into as they have no ramps or the doors are too heavy.

I think that everybody should use a wheelchair/scooter for a week and see how difficult life can be in one,


I think you will find that it a shop hasn't got disabled access it is breaking the law !!!!!


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