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I am def coming back as a dog!!!!!!!!!!

Well i have made my mind up when it is my time to pass(hopeflly quite a long while ) i am def coming back as a rich womans spoilt dog or jus a dog in a good family, there is nothing like it you get took out for walks few times a day your drink bowl is always full you given your tea at tea time you have the choice where you want to lay and sleep all day preferably any where the sun is shining and nice soft cushion to lay on then at night when all the crisps/sweets and savoury treats come out you just look up with your sorrowful eyes and another piece is dutifully given to you then you just lay down to sleep again get put out to go to the toilet then curl up in your basket to sleep the night away and dream of bones and chasing cats and birds . what a life!!!! oh well my turn for a bath and switch this off now so goodnight to you all and enjoy your evening whatever you may be doing and will be back on monday at some point love to you all and soft hugs Diddle xxxxx

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I would not want to go outside for the bathroom..


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