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I made it woo woo

ok so i have just waliked the dog up to the top of the road and back(all of 5 mins) had a couple of stumbles but managed to keep upright and get back home in one piece and now having cup of coffeee and holding it tight with my splints on(ref one of my last blogs!) so all is well apart from the pain glad i putting smile on peoples faces and making them laugh if nothing else today i have achieved that , so thats not a bad thing . i am now going off for bit so no need for search party you know who you are lol, you make me laugh too love and soft hugs to you all Diddle xxxx

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Well done....i haven't ventured out with my dog yet...neither of us like the rain! Just settling down to watch jayne Eyre although i'm sure i'll be asleep within half an hour!

Enjoy your sunday :)


I haven't made it out today but I'm snuggled on the settee with my a cup of tea, my slanket and the dog listening to the rain. A rare moment of pain free contentment until I stiffen up but I'm enjoying it!!


I have two young pups that i haven't taken out yet. I walk like a drunk person and am afraid of falling over. I'm sure the neighbours think i am on the bottle all the time. My boss at work thought i was drinking so i went off on the sick. Feel so much better at home not having to move. Hubby is great taking the dogs out for long walks thank goodness.


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