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Hello everyone, hope you are pain free as possible?!

I am here for advice if possible. I have undiagnosed joint pain/fatigue - well I say undiagnosed, my Rheumatologist thinks it may be Psoriatic arthritis, as my Mom has that but we're not convinced as I have no red/hot swellling..

I have been on reduced hours at work for 6 months and Ocuppational health are saying I should continue with this for another 6 months. I am becoming more concerned about pay.

I have the GP tomorrow and I'm going to ask if it may FM, not sure what reaction I will get as he and the specialist are not being much help :(

My symptoms vary day to day, I have a lot of stiffness, fatigue, all over!, 'Muscle weakness' ? soreness, headaches, lower back pain, wrist/shoulder, foot, knee, hip pain. I have swelling and heat, but no redness. I'm always very hot in the mornings but no actual fever, I'm usually hot or cold. At the moment I feel like my left arm is being pulled from its socket, my head is pounding/dizzy. I also have IBS(for 10 years).

Nothing else has shown up in blood tests.

Not sure what to do or say to my GP when I see him but I need help!



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good luck with your GP.. certainly sounds like it could be FM. remember your GP is there to help. dont be afraid to ask questions and question there diagnosis if you are not happy.. explain why you dont think it is Psoriatic arthritis. if it will help write a list of all you sypmtoms and if you need to write down your questions as well...


Thank you both.:) I will do a list, I'm not very pushy thats my problem, I could get that way soon tho I'm so fed up, it would be a relief to know for sure whats wrong, at least I could try to deal with it then.

I wish you all the best, I'll return when I've had my appointment!



Hi Lynn,

I don't mind the questions. I did do a pain diary for a while tho just of symptoms, not diet or anything. I did that on the Rheumatologists advice but the second time I went he didn't look at it or even ask :( ,

I found it depressing to focus on the problems so stopped doing it after that!

I should maybe start it again.

I had 2 blood tests ,(June and October) I think for alomost everything, all normal, only thing showing was slightly raised ESR both times, but that doesn't mean anything? . No pregnancies

I'm more forgetful lately , I'm usually quite organised, and I feel 'dazed'..can't concentrate!.. I just put that down to the fatigue, and at the moment headaches?

I'm due for more blood tests and another Rheumatologist appt before the end of March, I feel like he's just going to send me on my way and I'm not looking forward to going, I always get really low after appointments with anyone :(

Thanks for the replies everyone :)



i too felt very low waiting for a diagnosis, i felt everyone thought i was making it up and felt like giving in. I didnt thankfully and battled on. christine and lynn could not have given u better advice, i do hope u take it up and get a result. meanwhile keep strong and remember u have friends here to help you on your journey xxxx


Thank you, it is very lonely isn't it when your suffering all the time, people only have so much sympathy. I think I'll be taking much comfort from this site and the lovely people on it..we don't deserve this! lol.

Anyway, I went to my GP yesterday, He had a trainee in with him so he was on his best behavior! He agreed with me that I do have the symptoms and it could well be FM, that I should say so to the Rheumatologist when I see him, and I must go back and let my Dr know how I got on! So not too bad, felt ok about the appointment, still not looking forward to Rheumatologist so I will keep a diary until then. I also have a chart form Arthritis research so I can track activity/fatigue so I'll do that too.

Its awful though that while I have had suspected Psoriatic Arthritis, people say like 'oh thats terrible etc' if I say Fibromyalgia they say 'Fibrogjfhdu! whats that!?' But I'm sure you already know that, must be very difficult to deal with....



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