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Hi everyone, I have been suffering with widespread pain and load's of other symptoms for 13yrs I have got an appointment with the pain clinic in February, I take Dihydrocodeine, Pregabbilin, and the Dr's have just taken me off my Citalopran and changed them to Trazadone due to my depression ,8 month's ago I found my eldest son forever 26yr old dead in his bedroom 💙, I had to do cpr on him which was to late,,then I lost my mum 3 month's ago 😢 who I did absolutely everything for has she was bed bound, my world has fallen to pieces, I asked the Dr yesterday if she would take me off the Trazadone and put me back on the Citalopran and she said no not till I have been to the pain clinic, but surly them 3 kind of tablet's can not be good,since taking the Trazadone my thighs go really weak and shaky and I'm asleep within 20 minutes, also amongst the pain everywhere else and the chest pain's does anyone else suffer with there eye's, mine are so painful sometimes I've recently bought some fake tear drops but not really doing anything, I also no the pain can worsen due to stress ,how does everyone cope with there symptoms xxx

3 Replies
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Hi hopefully the pain clinic helps you Try make sure they listen to wot you want

Maybe a few tweeks may help for you

Pity about the trazadone as it does help alot

Specially if only taken before bed for sleep as well and not through the day

Paracetamol may help

They help others work and the dehydracodine

These kind of tweeks worth ago

Maybe low dose fentynal patch.pregablin

Hopefully pain clinic can help you

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Hi StarI am so sorry about your son and mum. You are going through a lot. I wonder why your doctor took you off citalopram? Seems it would help you at the moment. Maybe trazadone is a better antidepressant.

I take escitalopram for anxiety and depression and it works very well. Also pregabalin for FM.

Sounds like you’re in that place right now where nothing seems to be helping. It will get better. Took me about two years to get over my sister’s death. Long illness with Lupus. Although the pain never goes away,it will fade a little.

Try to relax and enjoy the sleep you get with trazadone instead of fighting it. Pain management may suggest physical therapy, which I have found helps as long as you keep up with it.

Please do not try low dose, or any dose of fentanyl if you can help it. Worked at first for my sister but eventually it stopped working. Can do lots of damage.

Positive thoughts going your way.

I'm so sorry I know this post is old but I send u my love and I pray u find strength I'm grieving massively and my eyes are so sore aswell I'm getting cold and hot sweats it's awful x

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