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Tramadol and amitriptyline

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Does anyone take both? What dosage please? I’m wanting to up my amitriptyline dosage but already taking tramadol so worried. Thanks

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Hi before i came of amitriptyline i got it increased to 75 mg max and tramadol reduced at same time ,

Have a chat with your GP. But yes, I’ve taken both before with no problems x

I'll never use tramadol again.... I switched from that to amitriptyline. Have a chat with your doctor or pharmacy

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Patdoyle in reply to moo196

Do you have to wean yourself off amitryptaline

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moo196 in reply to Patdoyle

I still take 10mg of amitriptyline most nights

I take 25mg at night for sleep but don’t think it is working now as I still wake up. Took me off citalopram when she put me on amitryptaline

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Emk68 in reply to Patdoyle

Hi Pat Doyle, I’m on citalopram in the morning and Amitriptyline at the evening nothing touches my pain in 30mg of citalopram 60mg Amitriptyline, the citalopram is for depression Amitriptyline for pain relief , I get nowhere with my GP

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Patdoyle in reply to Emk68

I was on citalopram for depression for year and took months to wean myself off it. Think I need to go back on it

I use to take both but had alot of side effects and felt so ill. I now take 40 0f amatryaline

Hi. I take 50mg tramadol twice 4 times a day and also 40mg Amitriptyline at nite before bed. I find that the higher the dose of Amitriptyline the better I sleep. I have had to gradually increase my Amitriptyline dose over the last 6 months since I was diagnosed in October last year and I keep getting used to the dose.

I have been on tramadol a lot longer due to back, hip, shoulder, knee and wrist problems and I suffered a lot of restless leg syndrome, but I wasn't put on Amitriptyline until I had a confirmed diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

I have always had the foggy head in the mornings and when I started the Amitriptyline it made it a little more foggier, but I'd rather suffer that than the restless leg syndrome every night.

So far so good with my current Amitriptyline dose as it seems to be really improving my sleep pattern. I hope this helps you decide a bit better.

Hi - Tramadol and amitriptyline are different drug groups which are safe to take together and dont interfere with each other. I have been taking both (and others) for quite a few years. The amitriptyline helps to relax your muscles (and mind!). It helps me to get to sleep and stay asleep as it eases overnight pain. I take 75mg at night - started on 10mg and worked up to what worked for me. I did notice I got 'tolerant' to lower doses and needed to increase gradually. I was told I can safely go up to 125mg but 75mg has worked well for me for several years now.

The world is a different place after a decent night's sleep so rest assured about the 2 drugs in combination. I hope you find a dose that works well for you.

Take care x

I’m not on tramadol but if Gp says it’s ok then maybe try it and see how you feel 🌸

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