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Help required !!!! I am requesting some info. DLA at retirement age?

as to Fms and what is the Government's plans for those of us near to retiring age and who are recieving indefinate DLA payments?

I will be 59 years of age in July and a Fms +Diabetic+Hiatus Hernia and Irritable Bowel sufferer I also suffer from Reflux and Insomnia and have had these conditions for very many years I have been in reciept of I/B + D.L.A for the last 12years how

however I do believe that as a child suffering daily from the same pains as Fms that I have had the condition from early childhood as I could not take part in any physical excersize as the pain was unbearable my teachers always thought I was lying about my symptoms and said It was growing pains and that I would grow out of them I have been in the same pain daily to this present moment I would

like to know if any of you sufferers out there have had a similar experience to mine? also How does the government treat the older generation near to retiring with regards to disallowing their benefits I would welcome some insight as to this, and eagerly await your responces.Many thanks


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Hi, I am a couple of years older than you, I saw a consultant at the Pain Clinic at a nig hospital in Bristol and she told me that it was most likely I was born with FMS. Like you i hated physical education, |I was always tired. Many of the illnesses I have had over the years from birth to now she told me could all be put down to FMS.

As for how the government is going to treat us, i don't hink anyone knows as yet, I am on DLA and ESA, if the Disability act goes through I could lose my ESA next month but I won't be able to sign on as I am 61 in June but I can't draw my pension until one and one day after my 61st birthday !!! As for DLA I have looked at the new PIP questionnaire for claiming and I don't think many would get it, If we reach 65 before the changes come in then we would keep our DLA from what I have read.

Good luck with your future


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