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Covid 19 and fibromyalgia

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Hi everyone, has anybody got covid 19 and fibromyalgia? I'm on day 5 of the illness. My chest and back hurt like mad.

16 Replies
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Some symptoms of fibromyalgia and Covid overlap. Have you done a Covid test? I did and the result was positive which resulted in hospitalisation.

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Mushmoo in reply to Painny

Yes I tested positive on 31st December

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YassytinaFMA UK Volunteer

I would think the Covid and fibro together would make for extra pain if you’ve tested postive, youv e got my empathy that must be horrid, if you’ve any concerns about chest pain give your GP surgery a ring today, get better soon .

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Mushmoo in reply to Yassytina

Thank you

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I agree with both Painny and Yassytina. Positive test? Chest pains? Also if you have anyone else in your home they need to be tested also. Self-isolating is no issue in a lockdown as we all are not going out!😢

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Mushmoo in reply to skit

I feel like I have a bad chest infection and a flare up at the same time

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It sounds horrid, Mushmoo. Are you taking lots of vitamin D? Good luck.

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Mushmoo in reply to penny

Hi, yes I've got a high strength Vit D and good quality Magnesium from Dr vegan online shop. Fed up with the pain.

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Hope you feel better soon.🌷

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Mushmoo in reply to Pbyllis

Thank you ❤️

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Hi there, that sounds rather jovial but in truth I’m struggling. I’m a care worker in the community and started just before Covid hit, so I have been aware of all the precautions from day one. I’ve been lucky enough to dodge the bullet for all this time with fellow staff members and service users alike coming down with or in contact with Covid. But my time was up on Monday when I woke with a raging sore throat, struggling to swallow and fighting off coughing fits which literally take my breath away. I went online and booked a test for the following day, then the dreaded positive text message arrived the next day. I don’t know what pain belongs to what at the moment, with fibro and osteoarthritis, but I can’t say it is any different from before Covid except maybe I’m feeling more sorry for myself making it all seem worse. I just don’t know but I think my meds have helped me so far with the paracetamol in the cocodamol keeping my temperature down. So fibro helped in a way, for once something on the plus side! Stay safe.

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Mushmoo in reply to Esradral

Hi, I said to my Husband that it feels like a fibromyalgia flare up. The main difference is the chest and back pain. The doctor said it's because your lungs go rigid so you don't take in a full breath. It's the viral inflammation. I thought it was my asthma. Take care.

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Esradral in reply to Mushmoo

Don’t rely on doctors fobbing you off with “ oh that will be the fibromyalgia” as they have done with me so I have given up going to them. If in any doubt get a covid test done, do not let your GP say otherwise! Take care xx

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Your mention that your Covid symptoms felt like a Fibro flare up were really interesting for me. I am day 6 of Covid positive recovery and apart from cough, sore throat and sneezing as extras that is exactly how I feel to. You made me feel better about myself, thank you.

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Mushmoo in reply to Heidi61

Hi Heidi, It took me about four weeks to feel more normal. It's definitely left me feeling worse with my fibromyalgia. Hope you feel better soon x

Heidi61 profile image

Thank you for your encouragement. You take care too. X

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