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Persistent cough


Does anyone suffer from a permanent cough and is it part off fibromyalgia

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I have a persistent cough ... Not sure if it's fibro related or not but have had it for years

I’ve had this cough for 2 years


Hi, I have never heard of a cough persistent or otherwise been part of fibro before.

I have a persistent dry cough which is down to my allergies, asthma and my glaucoma eye drops. Have never considered it anything to do with fibromyalgia

I have a persistent cough. I keep thinking it is part of my fibro as didn't have it before.

I believe it is to do with the muscles in my throat/digestive system not working right, and letting acid back to irritate and make me cough. I also sometimes feel like my throat muscles go into a spasm and it feels like everything is being pulled up into my upper chest.

I initially thought I had a hernia, but I have had a camera down and they say not.

Yes I have one, also have to keep clearing my throat, lose my voice quite a lot too. They checked my voice box/ vocal chords all good so I think it may be either fibro or neuropathy in my case.


My hubby, has had this problem for years. Doctor told him it was 2 things. One acid so was given something to help it. The other was to do with phlegm he was given nose drops. They do help but don't cure it I'm afraid. Oh and he doesn't have fibro xx

I have and its silent acid reflux.taking lansoprazole twice a day and gaviscon.its not helping thou

LaurieLee in reply to Fra22-57

Hi have you tried Liquorice tablets. I get mine from Hol and Barret, the chewable. I thought they pull taste horrible, but they aren’t. This has really helped acid reflux. In fact better than, PPIs.

Fra22-57 in reply to LaurieLee

Thanks that's great.I will try.

I have a persistent cough, but don't think it's anything to do with my Fibromyalgia. I have COPD so it's down to that. I've never heard of it being down to Fibro.

I have a dry'ish cough for years since had issues often get something sticking below to dislodge it seems but both Fibro and Raynauds have things many never associate with them as often combined in with other things and each person is effected differently.

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I have one; I think it may be down to the move from an uncarpeted house to a carpeted one. I have asthma caused by dust mites, small particle and smoke. Moved in February, got the cough within days of living here. Will be removing the carpets ASAP. I also have had throat problems before and my voice is basically a croak.

Cheers, Midori.

A persistent cough could be due to allergy or asthma if you've had it a long time. A cough can also be caused by reflux. Try getting a review with your GP, if that's possible these days.

I did - for year but I found out why. FM can upset digestion and cause hyper-acidity and can prevent the Stomach emptying. That means there is a lot of acid kicking around and for too long. when you lay down the oesophagus and thence you windpipe can be acidic. Acid gets onto you lungs and you develop a lot of mucus

The answer was to deal with my stomach not my lungs. The best therapy has been to take no food at all 3.5 hours before bed-time and to eat less - especially fat. It is good for you in all respects. But as a safety measure I will pop a simple Calcium Carbonate antacid tablet when I go to bed and stop taking even water half an hour before bed. Those simple controls have been better than any drugs and I have quartered my coughing.

Bicarbonate of Soda is also good but not everybody can do that. Good old-fashioned Bisodol works well too.

If the morning cough is much worse - especially in the shower then it is likely to be a stomach issue.

Good luck - hope that helps

Hi have you tried Liquorice tablets. I get mine from Hol and Barret, the chewable. I thought they pull taste horrible, but they aren’t. This has really helped acid reflux. In fact better than, PPIs.

Also, I found after 20 years of taking Enalapril, (high blood pressure tablet) was making my cough worse, as well as allergies, reflux and hay fever.

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