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I was prescribed this on Tuesday, 30mg to start with. However I have been feeling quite drowsy and dizzy and have spent most of the last 2 nights awake for 3/4 hours at a time. I'm not sure if this medication is any good for me. I have also read alot about this since I was given it and have heard a lot of horror stories. Does anyone find it helps and am I feeling like this because it's a new drug to me.

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Hi, just seen your post, I take duloxetine too. Im on 40mg per day. 20mg in the morning and 20mg in the evening. I feel drowsy, dizzy and generally fuzzy (cant find words) not sure if this is the meds or the fibro. But Im still here and have not many aches and pains.

Good luck and take care.


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Thank you

I take 60mg of Duloxetine in the morning as I found if I took it at lunchtime or the evening, I was awake at night. It reduces my pain considerably. I take 90mg during Fibro flare ups.

Hi, I find with Duloxatine it is best to take them at the same time every morning - AFTER/ALONG WITH food. I eat more at that point than I used too as it’s the only way I don’t get too dizzy or confused.

Saying that, along with Gabapentin I have not had as much relief from FM ever. It’s the best I have tried and do I live with the side effects (although they do get easier) to enjoy the relief from the pain of FM.

If I don’t eat well enough along with my Duloxatine I do get very dizzy. The staying awake has now gone after a couple of months.

Hi, I am on Duloxetine 60mg and am absolutely fine on it.

I have been on it for 2 years. I started on 30mg which didn’t do anything for me.

I haven’t had any side affects, it doesn’t

stop the pain, but it lifts ones mood and

help me to cope with life.

I realise that medication effects everybody

differently it’s a matter of trying to find

what suits you.

Wish you luck.

Avoid it like the plague, it really is the Devils Drug. When I weened myself off, worse than heroin (yes been there too) Lucidity eventually came back. I avoid big pharma like the plague now, and continually search for new age treatments. Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Massage all assist me.

Hi I take 120mg for depression and have been on it for nearly 12 years. I'm sorry I can't remember the side effects I did have but I recall I had to swap from morning to night to feel better.

I thought it helped me, whilst on it. However, it was so VERY hard to get off. Then, once off friends and family mentioned that I was so much more in the 'here and now' once off; mentioning that my words were not always clear when I was on it.


Morning, I am on one tablet I take at night 60mg, I cannot remember any side effect s for me personally but was so grateful to have my old self back as it is used for anxiety as well as pain and mine had hit the roof , I have been on this for over two years it certainly stopped the anxiety 100 percent, I think the horror stories I read seem to be when people are weaned off the tablet. If you’ve any concerns speak to your surgery sometimes side effects can tail off once they are in a person’s system again this is only what I’ve been told when starting new tablets for other things by my doctor. Xx

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Thank you. The Dr has told me since I posted that the side effects might wear off and I think they are starting to.

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