I had my doctors appointment today (Rhemutologist) and it went quite well :) We discussed everything I wanted to, and I am going to try duloxetine, but I just rang the gp and my vaguely usual one has now left. My mum suggested I start seeing a different one, in particular the one she sees as he's very nice and pushy which is good. I liked my gp but she's left so I dunno now.

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  • I agree with Christine, you have nothing to loose by trying your mum's doctor.

    When I moved to live with my partner i have to get a new doctor, i tried my partners and I hated him, so I went round a few in the rather large practice till I found one I like and he is the only one I will see now. He understands my condition and since starting to see him I have been referred for various scans and X-rays and also to a consultant at a Pain Clinic which was great, I must have been with her for over an hour, she was so helpful and told me alot about FMS that I had not been told before

  • That's what I thought and mum said he's really good with her, my mum suffers with high blood pressure, COPD and migraines and he has tried lots of new treatments with her. The rhemuatologist said that basically they are there to check that nothing is going wrong.

    The other thing is if I build a good relationship with my mum's gp then I can get them to help me fill in my DLA form when I must probably fail the appeal lol.

    The only problem is that my mum lives an hour from me. So I'd need to travel down there fairly regularly but I want to more atm as my mum is ill (as mentioned) and I want to spend more time with her. They also do appointments on a saturday morning which is rather helpful.

  • Hi cxs. I agree - try another doctor and see how you get on. I found my GP to be pretty useless; it was like talking to a nodding dog who likes to finish your sentences!

    One day, I was at the surgery for my usual Depo injection and I was stumbling all over the place with dizziness. The nurse was shocked at the state of me and immediately arranged for me to see a doctor, as it was open surgery hour, which turned out to be a blessing for me. The doctor I saw was not my usual GP, and he quickly diagnosed me with Vertigo, and after a brief look through my medical records, asked why I had never been to see a Rhuematologist. He referred me and within a few weeks I was sitting across from the Rhuematologist who finally gave me a diagnosis of Fibro. I had been seeing my old GP and suffering without a diagnosis for 2 years!

    I now always try to see my preferred doctor, rather than my old one. He's really understanding, takes me seriously and is pro-active. Thank goodness for my Vertigo that day!

  • I just always feel pushed from doctor to doctor, And I have no idea who should be sorting what.

  • I understand how you feel. Your GP should always be your first port of call, and it's down to them to refer you to specialists. You can try your Mum's doctor and if your not happy with them, try another one until you find one you like. They need to be someone who takes your condition seriously and you feel you get on with. Don't be afraid of doctors - they are there to help, and if they don't, you can go elsewhere. Remember, you're the one in charge. Stay strong. x

  • Thanks for all your feedbaclk.

    I spoke to my mum's surgery and they weren't helpfl and I've deicided to try another gp at my normal surgery and he seems ok.

    Fingers ccrossed.

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