Hi, had bad day at work. Called in to see line manager who has called a meeting on Monday with personnel, who have called my union rep about

recent visit to OH and report which says nothing and that I a, fine to work. I feel I am being bullied and they are trying to use this against me. My two colleagues have left and I am working with temps having had my work load doubled doing more ours to do all the work taking my medication so I'm ok, but feel I will crack at any time. I feel that my line manager is trying to get me out and start afresh with the office staff as the other two have left. What are your views fibro friends x

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  • Oh my word , people are so vile can't trust anyone these days , I think trust is the wrong word , it's more like dog eat dog . Something's seriously wrong when people are so horrid . Hopefully your friends will support you and you realise it isn't you but the system we are all living under , keep as strong as you can . Find out what you're entitled too , just keep going , hope you come out of this a decent human being which those above you certainly ain't .

  • Thank you. I am trying goal thought I would like to scream at her, I just smile sweetly

  • Good on you, libbylou, I know how you feel - I was in the same situation in my job. When three departments merged, our new boss was nowhere as understanding as my original boss was about my health probs. As far as she was concerned, anyone who worked there had to be 100% fit and have 100% attendance & time keeping or else. Everytime she did or said something nasty or hurtful which was veiled but obviously aimed at me, I would just ignore it & smile at her & act as though I didn't have a care in the world. Inside though I would be aching to scream at her or do something to her. I was so glad when I finally got out of there, I can tell you! Hubby said we might have needed the money, but there was no way he was going to stand by & watch my health get worse - me & my health mattered more to him. (And to think I worked in a hospital - caring NHS? I don't think so!)

    Gentle good luck hugs to you,

    Julie xxx

  • The Disability Adviser at the Job centre said to me that is illegal. Might be ggood idea to find out more before Monday - look online if you can?

    squashy hugs x

  • I don't know where to start looking.

  • Hi Libbylou.

    I understand exactly how you are feeling. I was in the same situation a few years ago.

    Have you had a chance to speak with your union rep? If you're employed for x number of hours then surely you shouldn't be working additional hours, at least not that much. That is adding loads more stress onto you and the knock on effect on your health.

    I think there is something about work related stress where if the supervisors know of health issues and if it is aggravated then your work can be held responsible. Something like that, sorry I don't know the exact details.

    My supervisor had been understanding at one point then everything changed when she came back into my line management in the MOD. I was ignored, my duties were changed without consultation, I was referred regularly to oh, which was ATOS, who said certain conditions had to be met to assist me to stay at work. She went against everything and tried to stop my term time working, luckily she failed at that one. My union rep had intervened a few times with no success. I was eventually moved to a different office, thankfully. Although the process for my dismissal had been started and couldn't be stopped.

    In the meantime I had applied for retirement on health grounds which paused the dismissal process while the application, and 3 appeals, took place. It was only on the final appeal with independent advisors, not Capita who were the pension controllers when I was successful.

    I wish you tons of luck, there are some not very pleasant, inconsiderate people about. If you'd like to speak feel free to get in touch.

    Is x

  • He is coming to the meeting and seeing me before x

  • Make a record of things which have happened in the office. If you can remember events and dates log them too, including when you've worked the extra hours. Start noting things when they happen, if your memory is brought into question then you can state when you made your notes. If need be then you can present your evidence. It will also help your union rep know what has been going on when you meet on Monday.

  • Thank you

  • Hi

    I had a meeting yesterday with my union rep present he thinks that they are trying to get me out by using my fibro and saying I'm making mistakes. 2 of my colleague have left so I'm working with temps and the manager has given all the work of one of the ones who left so I'm stressed with all the work and being criticised all the time. My union rep said he may be able to get me redundancy but it wil only be about a couple of months pay. I don't know if I can claim any benefits. Thank you x

  • Do you mind if I ask who you work for? Would they have a retirement package you could look at?

  • Hi

    I work for a primary school in the office . I don't think I would be able to I'm 46 if I was 56 they probably would do that. I don't know what to do at the moment. Xx

  • If you are employed by the local government I would have thought you could apply for ill health retirement? I'm 48 now and was with the MOD and applied. I had to fight for it but got it in the end. Have a look in your regulations, sickness or the pension section. I know the MOD recently changed their regulations but you may be able to.

    Good luck, let me know how you get on, get in touch if you'd like.

    Is xx

  • Thank you for that I will look into it as I'm employed by surrey county council and have a pension with them.

  • I hope there is something, if you don't try you don't get.

  • I will. Thank you for that x

  • I was in ICU for 32 days and off work for 5.5 months before I went to a ATOS meeting my employer set up. They agreed a phased return. but on my first day they put me in an office with my manager who told me they were going to issue a written warning for the time I had off. I had put on my application what conditions I had at that time and if they did I would take it further. I got in touch with the equal opportunities commission who were willing to back me if they proceeded. The company then looked into what I had said and dropped it. But I was made redundant some time later!

    Be Well

  • Depending on how long you worked for your employer and your employment contract, you may have a case to challenge your redundancy on the grounds that it may have been discriminatory. I would see someone for advice. The Citizens Advice Bureau may be your first call for advice.

  • Hi Libbylou it makes me sick to the pit of my stomach how bosses think the have the god given right to mess about with our lives. They are IGNORANT!!!! Just you remember that. I have had trouble with 2 of my bosses at separate times. They don't understand. I felt they just wanted rid of me as I was a hassle to them. They have a legal obligation not to make your condition worse not to say a moral obligation. I was put into a situation where my job was making my condition worse. I think it was deliberate too. I dug my heels in I am stubborn and will cut my nose off to spite my face. The staff where I was working were horrible to me. I would catch them talking about me quite openly even when they knew I was there. They were unhelpful the stress was making me worse. I had a fall at work no ones fault and ended up having time off work all I could do was to sit in the doctors and cry. He wanted to know what was going on so I told him. He was enraged he said he would sign me off with stress right then and there I said no. To cut a long story short by Easter I had, had enough I was sick of being told not to do this then do this contradicting one another. So I let both barrels go!!!! Not a pretty sight for on lookers. I told them that the dr. Wanted to sigh me off with stress back in October and that was that. I've been moved from there and all have really changed their tune being nice to me etc. because they know what they did was wrong. STRESS at work is a serious issue. Look at your contract and Just work the hours it stipulates if they say something then tell them you need your contract reviewed. They cannot get rid of you it's against the disability discriminations act. Speak to your union rep BRFORE you have your meeting, they have to allow time for that. Get as much info as you can about fibro NHS website has info ( my Dr gave me it from there so it's reliable) present them with this and tell them your limitations. Ask for a second opinion with OH. Good luck I know only too well what this is like . Make sure you use the word stress and the extra work load is affecting you this way also mention legal and moral duty of care. Those 2 things will make them sit up and make them listen trust me!!!!!!! As mentioned above make a note every thing that is going on. Good luck.

  • Hi Libbylou

    I was brutally ~ and no that's not too strong a word for it I promise you, bullied in my last job. I freely admit that I'd had a lot of time off work for very genuine reasons. I'm 5'2" and my ex employer is 6'3" and large all round. He towered over me. One day, whilst I was trying to get some information about being bullied at work from a colleague, HE steamed into the room (I was sitting down at the time) and screamed and screeched at me. There were 2 other women in the office and they just ignored what was going on.

    It was 9:30am and he was screeching at me asking me if I had been drinking. I had no idea what he was talking about. (I've been teetotal through choice for about 8 years). I asked him what he was talking about. He shouted at me again the same thing. I stood up and asked again. He said TWO people had gone to him the day before reporting smelling alcohol on my breath. I was livid. I refused to answer his question and said I wanted everything that had happened in writing. He refused. I demanded to have it in writing. He jabbed his finger in my face and said "I EMPLOY YOU, I TELL YOU WHAT TO DO. GET BACK TO WORK RIGHT THIS MINUTE".

    Another time he threatened to sack me due to the fact that I'd had too much (genuine) time off sick. He said he wasn't a charity.

    Then he employed a new Line Manager who bullied me so badly I wanted to end it all.

    After I was hospitalized at 4am on Christmas Eve and still in hospital on Christmas Day 2010 I was obviously off work recovering.

    After I'd been off work for ONE week, whilst recovering from pneumonia, my employer wrote to me stating that due to my prolonged illness(!) he was referring me to OH.

    I then had a severe kidney infection ~ which was so bad my doctor thought I might have to be hospitalized again.

    In the end I couldn't bear it anymore (all the rest of the Management Team were bullying me) I resigned due to ill health.

    Bullies make me sick to my core. I've been bullied all my life.

    Have you looked on line for some advice? It's amazing what you can Google now.

    Good luck my Fibro friend. It's time we were ALL cut some slack and offered help instead of constant problems.

    Coz x

  • Hi, I would just like to thank you all for your kind words and advice. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow and the stress has caused my fibro to flare up as I had stiff and painful legs this morning and could hardly walk. I hope to be able to sleep tonight and relax. Thank you all xx

  • Hi Libbylou, hope you are ok?

    Hope you had a good outcome with your meeting?

    Gentle Hugs,

    Julie xxx

  • Hi Julie,

    Not too bad, think I will get redundancy so ok with that. Thank you for thinking of me. Claire

  • Xxx

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