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Morphine patches

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After 20 years with fibro i now have NAFLnon alcoholic fatty liver caused by the many pills i take. I am now on the cusp of cirrhosis of the liver yet dont touch alcohol. Im mostly bed bound with pain so stopping pills is not an option. Im wondering about morphine patches as an alternative. Can anyone advise me as to pros and cons of these please.

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In use nurofen or Voltarol plasters,,getting anything stronger needs to be a discussion with your consultants

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Hi rosiebud. The best person to speak to would be your GP. You could also speak to your pharmacist, as they are obviously very clued up on all medications. x

Avoid Nsaids including ibuprofen, aspirin, and all other anti inflammatories. Try lose some weight. I know its easier said than done, but you know what the alternative is.

Do you mean Fentonyl patches ???? They can work and used them. You have to change every 72 hrs, and you will soon know after that, that you haven’t changed, I believe very addictive, also can’t put in same place twice on body and can’t be near or above heart

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