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Keeping Motability Car during PIP Appeal (Mandatory Reconsideration & Tribunal) Stages


A few people have said they expect to lose their Motability Car because they scored (the inevitable) Zero Points from their medical assessment.


In April 2017, the benefitsandwork website published a report stating the following:

"Penny Mordaunt, Minister of State for Disabled People, has announced that disability living allowance (DLA) claimants who lose their right to a Motability vehicle when they are assessed for personal independence payment (PIP), will be able to keep their vehicle whilst appealing." (Follow this link:

This looks hopeful, and is supported by a (rather more complex) statement (Follow this link

Of course, these statements were made about eighteen months ago. So the questions are:

a) is it correct that they can't take away your Motability Car while you're waiting for the Mandatory Reconsideration or Tribunal decision?

b) how does this work (as in, do you need to contact Motability or do anything)?

As losing your car is very traumatic for those affected, I'll try to find more information this coming week. Meanwhile, does anyone have up to date information to share.


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Hi, I'm going thru this currently and all it meant was that I got to keep it for 6 weeks until Mandatory Reconsideration was decided, I now have to arrange to take the vehicle back to the dealer before the 15th November, regardless of if I appeal to tribunal. Motability have said if I win I can then get another vehicle as long as I pay the arrears if given the back pay.

Depending on numbers an appeal could be 5months to a year, ordering a new vehicle can often be several month wait etc, so even if successful it leaves me with no vehicle for a considerable time.

Plus I mentioned to my MPs office that the car had to go back whilst asking how to appeal and they never said that was wrong either

I have a car through mobility and was reassessed as losing all mobility pip. Have phoned mobility themselves. The following was said, they will do all to help me keep car. First the DWP was to inform mobility of my lower mobility status. Mobility write to me, for handover. But if I inform them that Mandatory reconsideration is happening I can keep and use vehicle till outcome

Strange the situation may alter between regions me thinks. I friend of mine lost her assessment but mobility people came and got the car almost within days regardless.

She reapplied for PIP after the required time and got the full number of points but because of the stress her family bought a vehicle rather than be car-less ever again.

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