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Sounds Familiar


Sounds familiar! I Have had such severe pain the last 4 months it frightened me thinking it was something a bit sinister......I’d been to the GP after waiting 3 weeks with no luck, just a gell to rub in... I do have fibromyalgia after all!!!! That I know, in the end I paid privately for tests and to see a professor who for many years has dealt with Fibromyalgia, gives lectures all over. Yes there are a few who understand !! And he doesn’t beat about the bush in saying what and how it affects you etc. And believe me what a difference when a professor in this subject starts talking............amazing, he gets it now! I couldn’t really afford to pay private but it was worth every penny, not only did it put my mind at rest of something much worse but it made him realise just how it affects you and how debilitating it is. In all the years I’ve had this he’s the only person who hits the button and understands completely. It cost me £245? (In that are). He did refer me on. But back to your point, it worked, the only thing that has!

Good luck x

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