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Hello Wonderful Warriers


Hello Warriors

Haven't been here for some time, my apologies.

I hope you are all as well as can be ❤

We moved and then my Stevie G (by accident) had Flynn's puppies, 6 of them.

All of whom have gone to the loveliest of homes.

If any of you have had a part in bringing up puppies it is the most gorgeous and tiring experience possible!!

I look forward to reading all the posts on here again and catching up with you amazing peeps xxxxx

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Hi Victoriaom, hope you have settled in to your new home now and are enjoying it.

What a nice reason for not being able to come in here for a while!

Yes I have raised puppies in the past and have had sad times and very happy times doing so. I agree, it's hard work and very tiring, but also immensely rewarding too.

Pleased you're back and can now take it a little easier. 😊

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Thank you Jenonnet.

It really was an amazing experience but not one I'd like to repeat!!

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