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Long term use of anti-depressants

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Hi, my GP thinks i have Fibromyalgia. My personal symptom list looks like a tick off list!

This year I (with the help of my GP) weaned myself off Escitalapram, which I'd been taking for 15 years with a gap of 3. I took the last low dose on 24/6/18. Within a week of doing this, the pains and insomnia kicked in. I've had brain fog for approx 10yrs. I'm wondering if the Escitalapram had masked the fibromyalgia and now that I'm not taking it anymore, the condition has shown itself?

I also have experienced olfactory hallucinations from February this year.

I'm really struggling with all this just now.

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Ps... I now take Amitryptiline to help with pain and sleep.

Hi....did your doctor prescribe anything else to replace the Escitalapram?

I think it's possible. I've read that antidepressants are used for fibro pain because of the action they take on the brain. ( sorry, not well put, I'm soooo tired this morning) So in effect, you've had treatment for fibro but didn't know it and neither did the dr.

It's now a case of finding what works best for you in controlling your pain and learning how to pace yourself. ( how I wish I could master that)

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