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Hi I am Sarah I have been suffering from fib


Hi I am Sarah I been suffering from fibromyalgia for over 20 year now .after seeing doctor after doctor then 4 years ago a doctor disanosn me with fibromyalgia I am on 2 lots pain kills . I still get a lot pain and some days I fine it hard to get out bed . I work part time some day I can just about go on with the pain .

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Hi Sarah, welcome to the group. Sorry to hear you’ve been suffering for so long. It’s hard being in pain constantly isn’t it? What medication are you taking at the moment? 😀😀

Hi i am on 75mg of amitriptyline and 300mg 3xa day of gabapentin which do help . I have prob remmber things some ..but that could be a age thing lol

Hi, sorry to hear how you have been suffering. I was trying to type what medicines I’m on but I can’t remember how to spell them! Mind gone blank. Anyway, hello and thinking of you x

I’m so sorry. It’s horrid but thankfully more and more people are recognising its existence and will hopefully soon be recognised as a disability. I have just had a huge fibro flairup and it’s unimaginable how awful it is


Hi Sallyspot and welcome to the forum.

If you feel you're medication isn't helping with your pain speak to your GP and ask if they will try you on something else. xx


Hi Sarah, I know how you feeling. Please tell me some of your pain areas to see if I’m having the same ones.

Hi i have pain all over and numbeniss in me left foot some day i can just about walk . I am on 75 mg of amitrptline and 300mg three times a day of gabapentin . Which do help . Are u on any meds ?

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