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I've been prescribed Doxycycline for an infected finger- Paronchyia. I'm very worried about taking it because of the risk of burning the esophagus, which I've suffered with before and was so painful that I wanted to die. The doctor has prescribed me Lansoprazole which will help protect my stomach and decrease acid but I'm worried about combining a PPI with an antibiotic as I've heard that can be an increased risk of C Diff. There is no other antibiotic I can take. It has to be this one as I am allergic to Penicillin and any others cause serious interactions with my other medication. Should I take the Doxycycline and wait to see if I do get acid reflux or take the PPI to prevent it, putting myself at increased rick of C Diff?

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Hi,I take doxycycline a lot also omeprazole,I take them with actimel probiotics and it seems to line the stomach .


Perhaps have a word with your GP or pharmacist and see what they advise x

Thank you for the replies. I saw another doctor who advised an antibiotic cream and a steroid cream. I think things are improving. The stress has made me quite ill though and I'm now dealing with other problems. Will perhaps do another post on those.

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