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Hya folks how's everyone coping with this heat

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Wow another hot day everyone it seems to be getting hotter I'm coping as best I can in and out ha watching Wimbledon off to the hossy this afternoon pain clinic c how it goes hey folks. Take care everyone enjoy yr weekend becarful in the sun luv glor xxx

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Hi glo100, hope you are coping. I'm just sat indoors with doors and windows open. Got to hang some washing out but I know that will make me hot. Have a good day.

Take care of yourself

David x

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glo100 in reply to Golfer15

Hya there David yea youv got keep cool in this weather some how iv got a little jack Russel she's lovely nv leaves me she go at other dogs but loves people you wat she's frightened to death if she sees a fly in the house even the tiniest one she goes and hides ha so no windows open for me well only abit. Hv a lovely weekend luv glor xx

Hi sweetie good luck with your appointment hope all goes well for you sweetie. Love and hugs 🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘🌹🌹💕💖💕

Too hot for me I'm afraid, 🌞👎 . But at least we've got Wimbledon to watch, come on Nadal 😉 take care

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Oh my another nadel fan me to I love the way he plays plus he's gorgeous ha. It's gone abit over cast here in Staffordshire at the moment still 25 thou. Watching tennis myself now hv a lovely weekend luv glor xx

Best wishes glo. Hope all goes well at the pain clinic for you. Be careful dear.

😊🌸🌿🦋 🤗💗😘

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glo100 in reply to honeybug

Hello honey bug it's hot hey duc it wasn't to bad at the pain clinic they are more worried about my weight loss first since Dec till now I'm six and a half stone put none on at all and I do eat I'm normally eight and half got a appointment on 24th July c someone at hossy see if they can build me up then start on the physio side it worry me me to plus got c my doc nx week they are changing a few of meds c if they will do me any better thank you for caring luv glor xx

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honeybug in reply to glo100

Ohhh glo sorry about your weight loss...I believe I found it. Won’t say how much I’m overweight now but I’m disgusted if that helps. I hope you are able to stop your weight loss and able to put weight back on and get your therapy started soon.

Try not to stress out over everything as that will make things worse. I hope all is sorted soon sweetie.

Take care. 😊🌸🌿🦋


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Hope the pain clinic goes okay. I’ve been at the day unit to have cannula put in with some tests m/in/law kept me company after the needle they said I mite go alittle bit queasy lite headed as injected hormones to check my cortisol level I did but then it went off so managed cuppa biscuits as didn’t eat brekkie. Il be watching England tomos with friends at mine so hope it’s a good game , enjoy the tennis xx

Hya duc I had one of them put in when I had a camera down my throat to sedate me I still felt it never mind it's done now I nv had tea and biscuits ha. I'm going watch the footy to willing them to win plus Wimbledon to. Have a lively weekend duc luv glor xx

Hi glo100 I’m glad your coping I’m struggling, yesterday was horrendous myself and a friend went to the Theatre to watch Hairspray, got to say it was amazing! it was stifling in there, although I did feel for the poor actors with all the costume changes and lights they were sweating so badly lol. I was up at 6.30am this morning and it was SO HOT already so I’m staying in waiting for my air conditioning unit to be delivered. 😓😊 sending gentle hugs 🤗

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