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Need a rant


Hi All, just needed a rant as am feeling sorry for myself, have worked hard last 3 weeks and any overtime I cld to get some extra money for summer holidays but today am having such a bad flare up I be had to take day off as I can’t move, holding my phone is too much. I think heat got too much yesterday. Hate this cruel illness. Hope you all having better day. Love Sarah xx

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Rant away, we hear you! We all understand as we all get days or periods like this when a flare hits out of nowhere or Fibro changes it's goal posts and you don't know what is too much. If it helps to get it all out, why not! They say a problem shared is a problem halved. This heat sometimes make the fatigue worse too, so if you are flaring badly make sure to keep your fluid intake up as best you can.

Keep taking your pain relief, using heat therapy, pain relief creams, Epsom salts baths, TENS machine or whatever you use to help you to be more comfortable. Then if you feel up to it later do some relaxation and take some time for you, or maybe do a mini facial and pamper yourself or try to take your mind off it by doing something different. I know this may not take the pain away but it may just make you feel a teeny bit better ...... :) I painted my toenails the other day and pampered my feet which is usually impossible, so the mini achievement made me feel better..... and now very soft feet that are pretty in pink! :)

Fibro is so hard to get right as the best way to deal with your individual symptoms so don't beat yourself up about it. Pacing and working out how to avoid the stressors plus the push & crashes can take time to master. Until then be kind to yourself as it is not your fault you are ill and you are dealing with it the best way you can at this moment in time.

Sending an extra dose of strength to get you through the flare

Emma :)

Sg1474 in reply to Mdaisy

Thank you so much for your reply, I will definitely try some of the remedies you have mentioned. It’s lovely that you all understand, I feel a bit more normal on here as we all have the pain and various other symptoms which I’m sure people think you imagine. Thanks again for your kind words. Xxxxxxxx

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