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Hi everyone,

My names leah, i hope everyone is ok!

I got diagnosed with chronic widespread Musculoskeletal Predominant pain by my Rheumatologist. The doctor at my doctor surgery said it’s another name for fibromyalgia?? I wondered if that’s right? I’ve also been diagnosed with hypermobilty EDS type. I’m currently in pain everyday an feeling weak.. can anybody please recommend any good pain relief please? I’m feeling depressed and anxiety mainly due to me feeling unwel everyday. I’m trying to cope the best I can with 2 children. Lucky I have a good mum and nan for my kids. X

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Hello and welcome Leah!

I have never heard of musculoskeletal predominant pain, sorry.

May I ask how the rheumatologist diagnosed you? Did you have blood tests, or did he press on certain points of your body that were very painful? (Tender points)

The Rheumatologist who diagnosed me by pressing on my tender points, called the condition Pain Amplification disorder (because he didn't believe that fibromyalgia exists!!!) , but my doctor, like yours, said it is the same as fibromyalgia.

Do you have other symptoms that are common in fibromyalgia? ( IBS, fatigue, fibrofog, etc)

I would definitely recommend speaking to your doctor about pain relief, but I find that gentle exercise helps me (short walks, yoga, swimming), but I am not sure if this is suitable for you with your hypermobility. Perhaps you can ask for a physiotherapist referral who can advise on suitable exercise? Also, you could ask for referrals to pain clinic or pain management program. So pleased that your mum is able to help you out with your children . Take care xxx

No I haven’t looked on fmauk but I will do thank you. My rheumatologist diagnosed me with 2 diagnoses, hyper mobility eds type and the chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain. my body is tender to touch.. feels like I have the flu most days with how sore I can feel. And I have joint pain..

I didn’t know anything about fibromyalgia at that point.. it was only that my doctor put on my notes and a sick note “fibromyalgia” I am under the royal national orthopaedic hospital and was awaiting to go into a rehabilitation pain management program but then they wanted me to hold it off because I couldn’t engage properly due to my mental state feeling low.. which I am currently getting help for. And I was in so much pain it was getting for my physio to touch me. I’ve been diagnosed with suspected IBS and gastroenteritis. I’m still under investigation.. that also gets me down. I was taking co codamol and methocarbamol which hardly take any effect and if they have it’s not been for long. Thanks for replying xx

Forgot to say, have you had a look on the website for lots of useful information? Xxx


i've heard of rheumatologists calling fibromyalgia a few different names recently, widespread chronic pain; pain sensitisation etc .... which ok; technically it is what the pain part of fibromyalgia is .... but its as if they are only focussing on the pain and not the other symptoms that go with the pain. xxx

You are unlikely to get a fibromyalgia diagnosis with EDS hypermobile as EDS can cause most of the fibromyalgia symptoms.

You can only get a diagnosis of fibromyalgia if there is no other cause for the symptoms which is probably why you got the diagnosis you did.

My flat mate a diagnosis is EDS with myalgia - all the fibromyalgia symptoms but with another possible cause.

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