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hi, for a couple of months now I've developed a new symptom. My neck and elbows crack so loud other people look at me. On my neck , I just simply turn to any side and it cracks right at the nape of it. It does frighten me even though i don't get much pain. Sometimes I think my head is gonna fall off. My elbows don't worry me. Does this happen to anyone else?

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I've creaked and cracked all my life. Very rarely get pain but I do wonder about long term damage though.

My best one is walking down the stairs at night when it's quiet. It's like someone playing with bubble wrap!

Mistee71 in reply to Jurph

My brother is the same. You know when he's coming. I encouraged him to see about it and it's ligaments snapping against bone coz it's tight. I don't mean breaking. Like an elastic band snaps?

Generally this is nothing to worry about and is air popping in the joint. I get relief when it cracks and osteopaths will crack joints. However if it is bone on bone that could be an issue so good to check with Dr just in case.

Many people with fibro seem to have this it is like a bowl of rice Krispies. Normally nothing to worry about. I actually find relief when it pops like Newtali .x

Mistee71 in reply to rosewine

I know what you mean about the relief bit coz it feels very uncomfortable. With me, there is no tension or warning tell tale. Just happens and it's not just a little click. It's a massive noise.

With me it’s my knees, they’ve always done it a bit, but now it’s every time I move!

Hi Mistee, my knees and shoulders crackle and pop my dr. Says it's air like Newtali mentioned. Chris x

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