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hi I have just recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and arthritis in feet hands and knees although have been in pain for quite a few years I just ignored it and put it down to my age and having responsibilities children and husband put everyone else first, as you do and holding down a job , but last October things got really bad I couldn't walk no I've had to give my job up this January 2018 I was in so much pain I couldn't cope with it , went from full week to 4 days then 3 days and less hours still didn't make a difference I was doing accounts I just couldn't concentrate my memory getting worse, I felt really bad that I had let my family down as I have always worked since I left School, now I cant walk properly, some days I can't get out of bed, I'm trailing all medication to try and find the right one to help me with the pain not having much luck at the moment with it can't sleep, a friend told me to register on here so I can share my experiences and get advice , I feel like I'm on my own my husband and family are very supportive they are a rock but you guys are going through what I am so some good advice would be great

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Firstly welcome to our lovely and friendly site. Feel free to talk anytime you want as there’ll always be someone there for you.

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re struggling. I hope that you find some medications to help ease the pain very soon.

Please don’t feel that you’ve let your family down, I’m sure they understand that what you’re going through is out of your control and I hope you have their support, as that’s so important. Fibro is such a complex condition that it affects everyone differently. There are quite a few of us, however, that suffer from fibro fog and insomnia. It’s incredibly frustrating. I’m so sorry you had to give up work because of it. You’ll find that a lot of us have had to do that. My contract was terminated as a result of ill health last year. Although it was primarily due to a benign spinal tumour, I developed fibro as a result of this. Just take this time and opportunity to look after yourself.

I personally have found a combination of medications have helped take away the severest pain (although when i have a flare up,not a great deal helps personally), I also find that an Epsom salts bath can help as does heat pads and a hot water bottle.

Please take care of yourself, feel free to talk anytime you want to, don’t overdo things, get plenty of rest and lots of love and gentle hugs to you xx🤗🤗

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Hi, I’m new to the site myself and can empathise with you.

I was a shift worker caring for my elderly parents in my spare time until August 2016 then the depression, exhaustion, pain, sweating and fibro fog just got too much and wiped me out. I’m now trying to get early retirement and PIP!

After much hit and miss with meds I have benefitted from pregabalin which really seems to help with some of the muscle spasms - not all but enough to get me through :). Vitamin D3 has reduced the excruciating bone pain and sweats and I have just read on here that sage capsules really help with the face/hair sweats. Physio for the arthritis is painful but the paraffin wax hand treatments are fantastic - 1st time I’ve had warm joints in years so I’ve bought one to use at home which is great 👍

I hope you’re sleeping by now 🤞

B53 x

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Welcome to the FMAUK Community Hidden ! :)

I am sure you'll find this community a helpful and supportive place to be ! :) There's lots of posts to read and many lovely members to talk to as you learn to live with Fibro 24/7.

Please can I provide you with the FMAUK website which has a wealth of information about Fibromyalgia which may be of help to you


As a newbie, please can I mention that members prefer to answer posts that are locked to this community only. If you wish to do this, here's a link that explains how to do it;


I understand all the stresses and strains you feel and Fibro can be challenging (to say the least!) to learn how to deal with it's myriad of symptoms. I hope you'll find this community a online support network where you can get tips and advice from other members based on their experiences of Fibro.

I'm sure I'll bump into you around the community

All the best

Emma :)


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