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Amitriptyline and citoalapran

Hello I have been on amitriptyline 40mg and citoalopran for a long time and got prescribed amitriptyline by a different doctor I went to have my review yesterday and my doctor was very concerned that I had been prescribed the amitriptyline as well and said that the two combined is dangerous and that I need to cut down on them the only problem is that I won't sleep without it dose anyone know any alternatives to help me sleep

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I am sure they can find an alternative but both of these together are a serious risk and normally require increased monitoring from the health professional as they increase serotonin and can cause serotonin syndrome among other complications.

Talk to the doctor about alternatives but probably need to come off one of them prior to adding another.


Hi there I have read this that the 2 meds should not be together, I have no experience of amitriptyline but take Citalopram for anxiety which I associate with my fibro, did the doctor say which route you have to take next??? It isn't pleasant not being able to sleep try having a warm bath before bed and a warm milky drink I'm hoping the medication is sorted very soon for you , if you would like to lock your posts so only our community can see here's the link. healthunlocked.com/fibromya... that way it is not open to any other thread . Sending my best wishes let us know how you progress xxx

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Yes I can see your concern as both drugs are anti depressants which also help sleep. You could try the herbal sleeping pills Ive used them with good effect except they make you have naffy breath!!


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