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I was diagnosed with Fibro in July when I was out of work. I’d been out of work since May, used all of my savings and my parents had paid for everything. Including my prescriptions. My job prospects weren’t looking good so I swallowed my pride and applied for Jobseekers. I was told they only do Universale Credit in my area so I applied for that. I got an appointment through with my Job person?? At the Jobcentre and started doing what I needed for my claim. I ticked the box for Jobseekers AFTER asking to pharmacist since my claim was still being sorted, and got my prescription for free. I got a job a few days later and on my next appointment with at the Job Centre, I told her I was withdrawing my claim as I had a job and didn’t want money I didn’t need. She looked shocked, as if people don’t turn down money all of the time! I’ve been paying for my prescriptions since I was 18 and as a very poorly put together person, there’s a lot of them! I thought and was told that I was entitled to that free prescription in September so imagine my surprise when I opened a letter this morning telling me I needed to pay for it and pay a £43 fine! I emailed them telling them all of this and they tell my I wasn’t eligible at the time! Not only did I turn down money I didn’t need because I’m a good and moral person, but I’m being fined for a free prescription I needed because I had no money. This is unbelievably unfair! Especially since the job I got was a Christmas temp and although they’ve hinted at me being taken off permanently, they’ve dropped my hours to 7 a week for January :( I have to pay the fine by February 2nd!

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The system all wrong sorry.if you let your claim run and just sign off you still should have got something maybe as it is paid in arrears.do not know if you can challenge this or know unfair.good luck for job if you can keep it with your help well done for trying


Oh dear Lauren, I am sorry to hear this. Some days it feels like you can't do right for doing wrong ((hugs)) May I just remind you you may want to lock your post so it stay private and off the Internet where it will be seen by the world.

So now you will have to re apply for jobs seekers allowance i'm guessing ? They should have told you it was only a xmas temp job i agree it was unfair of them xx



Omg that’s so awful it’s akways the genuine claimants that cop it the system is all wrong take care


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