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Appealed to FTT - under reg 40 (2) (e) esa didnt pay my disability premiums threw ESA since 2012 - because of a system error!!!!!, it has been 17 months since I asked them to pay my premiums and they haven't - they are still working out that i am due - 17 months on - The judge won't allow me to appeal because I have stated that because the above reg dosent cover my emergency (i.e starving and being thrown out of my home) that it dosent count - can I ask the judge to overlook the actual reg and look at it from an appeal basis anyway? help please - citazens advice can't help me, MP is doing his best and isn't getting anywhere, Civil legal assist can't find a lawyer to help me because they won't take legal aid, I AM ON MY KNEES here please help someone.

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Hi this is a hard one and you really need an expert here.as you have tryed cab only people maybe wellfair rights.there has been errors and people are getting back dated money.if they are still working and errors have been made I would phone again (dwp) and ask if they still think it is an error and still working on it and if they say yes .with everything you been through I would just leave it and let it run it's course (and ask them on phone how often you should phone them wot is reasonable ) sorry cannot be anymore help here good luck .check benefits for work website etc see if they have this issuie on website.


Not good news for you hun- I think I would try to make an appt with your local MP for help and dont be afraid to ask your gp for food bank vouchers-no need to starve hun.

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Hello Williams007

It sounds like you are going through a very difficult time at the moment, you may need both support and advice to address this issue. Some people in the past have spoken about Fightback and I feel they may be able to help advise you in this particular situation as I believe the founder is a ex lawyer. However, I understand that in some cases they may ask for a contribution for their help

It may be worth visiting their community forum for further advice;


I am so sorry that you are struggling, as NurseGladys123 mentions don't be afraid to visit your local foodbank for help and also you may like to find out if you may be eligible for a hardship payment possibly, link below;


I sincerely wish you get his issue resolved asap and wish you all the best for 2018

Emma :)


I would suggest that it is time to bring in the local media, and even the national media, the Disabled organisations can get it highlighted and the press would have a field day!


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