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Hello to my Fibro friends😊

Hi my name is Pam, I am 48 and live in the midlands.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in June this year, but took over 3 years to probably diagnose.

I do a lot of research, and try different things to help my quality of life, such as acupuncture and mindfulness.I have tried 4 different types of neauropathic pain medication, but unfortunately too many side effects.

After 3 years I finally managed to claim pip with the help from all my Consultants and Doctors, and occupational therapists.

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Good Morning Pam,

Welcome to our wonderful forum! I would advise having a quick look at our mainsite which has loads of information and links on it ->

Also, I can see that you haven't locked your post; due to internet security you will find that a lot more people will comment if your post is locked :) Instructions on how to do this are here but any problems please let me know

Unfortunately, with our illness it takes so long to diagnose which can be so tough! Have you used Epsom salts, TENs machine etc? These can be really helpful. Really glad that you have managed to claim PIP!



Hi Pam, thanks for posting and good mornin’ to yer!

I’ve just had a PIP assessment, have an inclin I’ll get nothing or the lowest band, thinking it sure would help to get something as it will help in accessing other benefits. I’ve just been sacked.

Would you feel ok to say more about why it took so long for you to get it? If not I understand and that is fine too. Andy

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Hi Pam I have only recently joined this site but everyone has made me feel so welcome I already feel a better buzz in myself. It really seems you have been through the mill. Poor you x

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Hi there Pam, here's wishing you a very warm welcome to our group:) I am sure you will find every one here very helpful and supportive. I see our lovely DG has explained the importance of locking your posts. I also helps generate more replies. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and stay warm. Xx



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