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Tips for studying/working with fibro fog please?


I'm new to this website. I was recommended it as I have just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few months ago, but have been struggling with symptoms for a few years. I am ok with dealing with the chronic pain but am really struggling with meeting deadlines at university due to the fatigue and "fibro fog". I am also finding it really hard to stay "on it" at work, which is not good as I am a support worker so mistakes/oversights can affect people's wellbeing. I haven't made any yet but I am worried as I get so tired. I am not working much because of this and so this affects my finances as well. My university has suggested I suspend my studies, but this is something I would rather not do as I am already well in to my 20's and would like to get on with my career asap. I am in 3rd year so can see the end in sight!

Does anyone have any tips for overcoming concentration/memory difficulties?

If so they would be greatly appreciated


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First I would suggest some blood work to ensure your not deficient in Vit D, B12, magnesium or iron. Then I'd cut out sugar as this can cause erratic blood sugar levels. So constant crash and burn. Fish oil supplements help brain function, omega 3,6 and 9. Plenty of rest and pace your studies. No all nighters, rather regular study in short burst with plenty of rest in between. Check out disabilityrightsuk.org. They have advice sheets for disabled students. You can even apply for support for equipment to support your studies. Good luck.

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Thank you :)

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