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Don't trust any1 as was left with 2dislocated shoulders in August 2015,when 2 hospitals never picked up on 4 X-rays after I took a fit at45!

Not been on here as been in hospital last 2 birthdays getting operations on both my shoulders as I took a fit on 30 th August 2015, after 2 X-rays in 2 different hospitals they never picked up on it , they said I had an infection in my brain called encephalitis ,so I took there word for it but couldn't lift my arms for 10 months ,then went to docs he stayed I had heart attack in hospital! so he sent me for another xray ,so finally they told me when I took a grand mall fit my muscles and bones tightened up and dislocated both my shoulders and because it was 10 months later , they had set themselves ,so on June 2016 ,I went to hospital 2 get a double shoulder replacement ,I was the only one to get both done at one time ,2 days after the operations got another X Ray ,to make sure the prosthetic ones made out of titanium were ok !!,no shock to me but my left one needed a smaller ball and joint so after another operation so after another week in hospital June 2016 I was let home ,went back to hospital for check up to the muscleoskelator unit I was complaining my left one was sore again but to no surprise it's dislocated again ,my parents are 72,74& theve been nursing me so good so this is October 2nd 2017 so going back in on the 10 th October ,day before my birthday lol past 3 birthdays since 45 been in hospital ,so get a pre-op & then getting bone grafted on my left shoulder to try repair as much as they can up in Glasgow ,so hopefully I can repay my parents for there help ,if any1 has had any problems ,just keep going as I watched the invictus games as I am suffering from depression & have anxiety problems,can't trust a lot of people due to all this you put trust in hospitals but we all make mistakes ,if any1 has had problems please write back thanks veer much bairdy xxx🙏😡😡😡

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That sounds awful, hopefully they will do it correctly this time. Good luck.


Sorry to hear this Bairdy - you've really been through it haven't you. Many years ago my (now ex) partner who was a type 1 diabetic had a fit one night and when he came round was in agonising pain - couldn't move his shoulders. His doctor unwillingly came round and diagnosed frozen shoulders. Basically saying it would get better on its own. Unsurprisingly it didn't and it was only after several return visits at the insistence of me and my mum that he got a referral for physio. She was the one who organised x-Ray's and picked up that it was in fact a double dislocation. But of course by then, as you found, irreversible damage was already done to his shoulders. He had his ops done separately - it was a really long recovery process, and he didn't ever regain full mobility in the worst affected shoulder.

We sued for negligence - it became apparent from experts that a double dislocation is a well known consequence of a fit. Didn't go to court - they settled. Taking that kind of action isn't for everyone, and it wasn't about the money, although there has been significant loss of earnings. It was the doctor's attitude throughout - he was just dismissive and it got diagnosed eventually in spite of him rather because of him.

Anyway I saw what my partner went through so although I've not experienced the first hand I can understand some of what you've been going through. Hope the next op goes well - it's a long haul isn't it.


Hi lolocat,yes seems as if your man has had a terrible time of it ,just like me iv got a meeting with the hospital on the 11 th my birthday lol to see why it wasn't picked up on the 2 X-rays ,as that's where I was admitted I'll keep you posted ok ta ps is your man got much movement in his shoulders ?as my right one is better than left but left getting operated on again so here's hoping thanks again X


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