For the first time I'm really struggling to lose weight despite reducing my calorie intake. At 47 I'm thinking it's an hormonal issue and recognise I need to introduce exercise into my life! So today I started C25K!! I'm not a runner. I have fibromyalgia and struggle with painful calves but feel determined to improve my fitness and lose weight. Any tips to motivate would be good. X

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  • put some boppy music on indoors, always makes me want to jig around x

  • J hoop have you had your thyroid checked ? x

  • It's on my to-do list as my sister, who's a few years older, has thyroid problems , is on meds and has put a lot of weight on and unable to shift despite efforts. It feels very much like a hormonal issue also 😕

  • Morning J can I suggest you do it lol, just go to doctor and ask for a test, and he should organise it xx

  • Will do x

  • Hi Jhoop I've had fibro and cfs since I was a child things got alot worse in last couple of years I got suggested aqua areobics as it is less strain on the body I been doing it a year now and added as I went. Have you got a local leisure centre as they offer classes and may offer discounted membership?! I have upped the different classes and have made quite ago of it my advice is work in a group but if you have to leave early do so listen to your body it takes awhile. I personally end up screaming in pain but my doctors and pain clinic will not help no more as tbh their new ideas on pain is to exercise as I've tried all the pain relief and Normal meds and they stop working. I'm currently comin off gabapentin atm and struggling but will admit that yoga and Pilates along side aqua areobics is helping I also do some cardio work and muscle work to help maintain and protect what I can. Everyone is different but I do find exercise helps my depression not so much my anixety but the leisure centre understand all my health problems I have dropped 3 dress sizes not lost weight but it takes along time I could cry consently with pain but I think if you have sheer motivation and determination you can do anything!! Believing your helping yourself and self achievement can leave you with a natural high but I won't lie it hurts like crazy. Goodluck and soak in a hot bath to help with the muscle tension after my partner helps me bath after and it is a god send!!

  • My daughter has Sherman's disease not sure if I've spelt that right. But it's a serious back condition and she is quite often bed bound with it, she was diagnosed when she was seven and is now 32 and has carers plus myself and her eldest sister who helps her. She also started to go to aqua aerobics and I've noticed the difference in her attitude with everything, apart from the fact it's getting her out of the house and given her some sort of activity to do what she has never been able to do, her attitude with people has changed she smiles more and really looks forward to every single session, plus for all it's not that great of an activity for loosing calories she has however managed to loose a little bit of weight which that alone must be making her less depressed about her condition. I was thinking maybe it would probably be good for myself with fibro and bronchiectasis too but I don't want to go with her to spoil the only thing she's managed to do on her own, I think like you she's on a natural high., maybe I might go to a different group on another day. The reason I've never considered it before now was because of my knees but I've recently had my second full knee replacement and I can actually bend them now to get in and out of the water. So in my opinion it's a good all rounder for a lot of medical complaints. Keep up the good work and well done you. Xxx

  • Sorry to hear how much pain you're in and how long you've been suffering. I plan on finding a good yoga class locally. Did try one a few years back but the instructor made me feel crap because I couldn't extend my legs very much due to muscle pain and tightness in my calves. I used to swim and have thought of rejoining the gym to do so as, as you say, it's kind to the joints. It does aggravate my psoriasis though so have held back on it at mo. I'm really hoping that introducing some exercise into my life and also sticking to the same sleep routine - naturally I would sleep until late mornings when able to do so - will help improve my energy levels as I struggle with fatigue and headaches. Thank you for your response and well done for battling so hard x

  • Morning I think you have written a very good post, and like your attitude x

  • Thank you. I've just joined a small gym and am planning on attending the aqua aerobics. Sorry to hear you're in so much pain. Well done on weight loss. X

  • Hi J l see you have played the game with all the pain meds gabapentin ect. think the doctor has given us a miracle pain relief at first, but soon find different. They just mess with your head, and have a nightmare time coming off them, when realise they do not really work. l do have a leisure centre but am to tired to use it. l go to car boot sales and get a lot of exercise at them also gardening. where I have just had shoulder op, find a very small amount of instant morphine and paretemol help. And I leave quite a long time inbetween the times I take them. so it is just a relief to now and again dumb down the pain for a while. well 3 dress sizes is good.

  • Take advise from 975969 good advise. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon. Xx

  • Work up very gradually and slowly. c25k is done over quite a short timescale as far as I know. You may need to take longer.

    I have walked 2 5ks and a 3k (although at moment I struggle to walk for 5 mins)

    I started off using a treadmill for a couple of minutes a few times a week. This was increased by a minute a week until I was walking 1K and I then started to increase by 100m increments.

    I was training for 7 months in preparation for my first 5k. I was still in a lot of pain doing this but also my general mobility improved and I was able to walk more and use my scooter less.

    Good luck xxx

  • Thank you. I think I may have to do what you've suggested and build it up over a longer period. I do find it hard and am struggling to imagine how I'll be able to run (use the term very loosely!!) for longer after another two sessions to complete week 1. Well done on your efforts. It's so hard not to compare self to others when you feel women twenty years older than you have more energy!! X

  • I didn't even contemplate being able to run ...so my focus was always on walking

    I did mine as a fundraiser for FMA UK at Loch Ness as part of a team who were doing 10k and marathon. The owner of the gym walked with me and another friend who has fibro. I was on my crutches and she had her stick ...took us an hour and a half but we did it

    Are you doing it on your own or as part of a group ....as obviously it will be more difficult to increase at your own pace if in a group. Xxx

  • On my own so I can take as long as required! Well done on your determination and achievements. X

  • I struggle with painful calfs too and can't walk very far, so my OH bought me a pedal exerciser with digital display, the type where you sit on a chair and pedal.

    It came from the Complete Care Shop (£19.99 + p&p). It has a counter that tells you how many calories you've burnt. I can get unreasonably excited by working off an oat cake (47 calories)! 😂

    I find it very useful in the battle to keep weight off.

  • Every little bit helps .. I keep meaning to buy one myself because I did well with the cycling in the gym x

  • Thanks for the info. My calves just feel permanently tight and inflamed and I suffer with really bad pain up my shins if I walk at a brisk pace. X

  • Magnesium oil helps a bit, I rub in and then wipe it off with a baby wipe. x

  • Hi I would seriously build it up if you have an everyone active leisure centre with the les mills programme they have so many options for different people and the trainers are clued up I suffer with many illnesses on top nd I find now I can walk unaided I can lift weights do soon classes not every weeks the same you can build up for a fall to then start again but the achievements can be noticeable I do 3 classes a day 4 nights but make sure I do high intensity with water therapy after eg swimming and aqua it helps big styley I do find the stretches help but take it easy ease into it. I recommend exercise and massages helps me

  • I joined the gym yesterday and go for my induction tomorrow !!! Thanks for all the info. Well done on being so active and I think the water based activities sound like a really good idea. Thanks x

  • Fantastic hope you get all you want and more I know it helps with mental health and pain for me so Goodluck let us know how you get on please

  • Well done on this hun! I have now lost a stone and 6 pounds since May through cutting down portions and carbs and trying to exercise when I can! I downloaded a 7 minute workout on my phone and this is really good - there are four workouts and I just do all I can - 30 seconds of exercise and 30 seconds of rest! Once you have done all four workouts as well you can create your own! I believe in you hun 💖💕

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