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If I appeal Mandatory reconsideration decision for ESA what will happen re: benefit payments?

Hi I am at a loose end I had ESA assessment literally the day before a PIP one. I scored 0 pts for ESA and now placed on JSA, my PIP was awarded enhanced care and standard mobility. As I am now a new claimant for JSA I am required to sign weekly and it is now 25 days since mandatory reconsideration decision to keep me on 0 pts. If I appeal the ESA how do I stand financially I get a premium with JSA for PIP enhanced will I lose this on appeal? Thanks anyone who can help

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If the DWP say you are fit for work

You will not get any ESA while you are going through mandatory reconsideration. You can claim JSA during the mandatory reconsideration process. JSA will be paid at the same rate as the ESA assessment rate which is £73.10.

SDP depends on you personal circumstanceshowever if you do win and get ESA and pay will be backdated

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I think this is awful. If you have enhanced care surely there is something wrong. So why did esa give you no points? I'm really losing faith now.

Im sorry you have to go through this xx

Ann Marie

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So sorry you have had to go through this. Rose has given you an excellent answer.x


Have you considered making a fresh ESA claim? I have heard of people doing that.

Whatever you decide to do, whether it is an appeal or a fresh ESA claim, do get a copy of your PIP report and the award letter, and send it in with the forms as evidence.


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