Advice, please

Hi! Just wondering if anyone can give any advice upon a suitable exercise regimen when struggling with fibromyalgia? Thanks

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  • Hi there Kimbles,

    Aqua therapy worked well for me. Slow walking and stretching in a heated pool.

    I was going to be silly and say getting up to make a cup of tea and sitting back on the sofa. But I am fairly certain you are looking for a more serious response.


  • Ha ha! I liked that!

    I used to a fitness fanatic but then discovered that I had a spinal fracture and then the fibromyalgia, so weight loss and my frequent immobility have not bonded well together to say the least! The heated pool idea sounds fab, thank you 😀

  • 😂😂getting up and making a cup of tea and carrying a packet of biscuits up a flight of stairs then sitting on the sofa gettin a sweat on thinking about it Cape_Cod_Sharon. On a more serious note I go for a good walk with my earphones and music plugged in for a bit if motivation if my legs are not to good a short walk just being out in the fresh air lifts you a bit. I also use a crosstrainer low impact and good if the weathers bad. I suppose it depends on your mobility and how much you can manage I think that as long as you get some kind of activity and your not immobile for to long its all good. 🌻X

  • I find gentle walking the best all round exercise for me, as Scoobydoomoo says you can't beat being out in the fresh air for a pick me up 😃

  • My best tip is just to get out in the fresh air and walk. If you can walk quickly that really helps as it really helps to ease stiffness (once you get going!), helps clear your head and lifts your spirits. If I don't move I am in pain, get dreadful headaches, neck and shoulder pain, feel very stiff and low in spirit. Getting outside (and I have to force myself), works every time.

    Cycling outside or inside is good but I don't find its as good for the neck and shoulder pain.

    Exercise gets the endorphins going this is what helps to lift your spirit and makes you feel more cheerful too.

  • Hi, I use a site on This gives exercises for the different parts of the body that ache. But not sure if it is just NHS Scotland. Wishing you well and sending hugs 💕

  • Yoga & Tai Chi Qigong are good...start with Tai Chi first as easy on body & don't need good balance for it! Free sites online to try have yoga/chi/ breathing meditations etc. My doc gave me a dvd & it really loosens up muscles & is very low resistance. Think any level can do it. Did you know learning how to breathe will release pain? Sounds crazy I know but MAYO doc taught me how. Now my chest doesn't ache near as bad!! Agreed on outside walks! All above good for body mind & soul!! Private message me for Free sites if not finding them.

    Try this as you take deep breath say to self "I AM" meanwhile hold breathe 6 seconds (if you can I couldn't when started too painful & If needed can let little air out But try hold) then AFTER 6 seconds say to self as you very slowly release air "AT PEACE". I fought technique horribly. But got thru on other side & it works bring pain down. What was remarkable is I used it for my MRI to calm me. Amazing I usually freak some after in MRI too long & so tried this meditation & instantly became CALM. Try it on your next stresser & become a "BEE-liever" like me...TeeHee

    Best wishes

  • Hi Kimbles-

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted for you below a link to our mother site, FMA UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:

    I personally undertake a daily (very gentle) 15 to 20 minutes exercise routine that I got from my physio. It really is just a bending / rolling on the bed exercise to help keep me subtle and mobile. It may be worth asking your doctor for a physio referral?

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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