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Do I suffer with fibro an help needed


Hi I haven't been told I have fibromyalgia but my partner has ......but I have had similar pains a aches that she describes mainly back shoulders and neck aching arms an hands fingers I've had an operation on my left shoulder (subocromion decompression impngement an removal of the bursa) an im still suffering from the same symptoms physio ongoing but just cant get to sleep I must say i was having sleep problems before the op some days I would be sat up all night not through pain but not able to sleep. What do I do to find out if it is fibro an not just myself having something on my mind like the docs always come to that conclusion that I'm depressed or something like that an offer meds to treat depression yes it gets me down with lack of sleep but doesn't make me feel in the dumps I know depression Mrs has it an suffers daily.......just need a few pointers in the right direction if anyone can I advise me .....thanks Steve

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Hi eggbox1970 I recommend speaking to your GP about how you are feeling and what's has been happening. If you want to get informed about fibro then take a look at our mother site as this may help with informative and useful information.

Type will have a read up

Hi eggbox1970

I am so genuinely sorry to read this and most Fibro diagnoses are made by Rheumatologists my friend. I would talk to your doctor about a referral to a Rheumatology department and take it from there? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Type I will be seeing doc this morning .....take care and thank you

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