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Workplace discrimination?


I got diagnosed with fibro last year during my training as a teacher. My school had been fantastic; they had sent me to an occupational health therapist and given me leniences on my teaching timetable. However, as I come to the end of my NOT year, the only form of career progression they were willing to let me have was mentoring new teachers. I then received an email saying that they have decided not to let me mentor due to my health and they would want to wait until I'm 100% better until they give me anything extra. I volunteered freely for this role knowing what it would entail and - as you know - fibro sufferers will never be 100% better! As a note, they have upped my timetable for next year (with my consent) but have refused to give me this.

I could do with a couple of opinions to help get my head sorted about this: does fibro count as a disability under the equality act 2010 and would this count as workplace discrimination?

It's been so hard to come to terms with the fact ive been diagnosed with this illness and on top last week I was diagnosed with pernicious anaemia. I've worked so hard over the last year and only had about 4 days off sick (and that was due to medication troubles rather than fibro troubles). This was all whilst getting my first set of year 11 students through their English gcses! I'd love to hear any opinions you have on this as I feel at a loss right now!

Lucy x

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Hi Luce94 ,

So sorry to hear that you're having such a rotten time, and you doing your very best not to let Fibro rule your life.

The good new news is......Fibromyalgia is indeed recognised as a Disability under The Equality Act 2010, and as such, your employers must make 'reasonable adjustments' to your workplace, and if necessary to the hours you work.

I would advise that you speak to your Union Representative, and get advice from CAB (Citizens Advice Bureaux.

Good luck, and I hope things work out well for you.

GP. 😀😀

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I would definitely take legal advice on this.

Did the education dept send the letter out or did not come directly from Occupational Health/

Have you got a Medical Report from your own Dr as well as Occup. Health? Have you got a letter from a Rheumotologist etc. Who made the diagnosis? What tests if any were done?

Does mentoring other teachers involve physical work? Can it be done from home or at last partially done from home?

What explanation was given for the change of mind and who made it. Who signed the letter/e mail?

Why was such an important matter sent by e mail anyway?

I do not understand why they upped your timetable then refused to give you a copy.

Just a few thoughts.

EDIT. Don't allow these people to grind you down. Sending you an e mail in my professional opinion is highly inappropriate and unprofessional as well as disrespectful.

With my very best wishes. xx

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You need to discuss how you feel. Ask for a meeting with your line manager and let them know how your feeling have everything prepared to say written down going through your concerns methodically. Make sure everything is noted and if you feel still unhappy with the reply then ask for another meeting with hr and take a union rep and be blunt and to the point. It is discrimination

Especially as they have not discussed it with you before this awful decision xxx Don't back down it's important for your career. Why are your options so limited!!! You have a condition that you live with and do a brilliant job, but why are your opportunities less than another teachers!!!! I think that would be my first question in fact as I'm writing this my advice would be go your union rep and ask why are you being discriminated against and that you are being defined by your condition!!! Xxx


Morning Lucy,

The day I told my manager I needed to reduce my hours she said she would advertise my job, was off work seven months in the end not even had a get well card, still in the post maybe lol

I left that job in March what a horrible illness it is, still keep taking the tablets and stay and see it through shame on them id say x


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