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Cold fingers

Thank you so much guys .I have been ignoring this for quiet some time now but I think it's time to see my doc and explain the symptoms .I agree with you guys that it may be Raynaulds .My rheumatologist diagnosed me with lupus about 4 yrs ago and now they say I have developed fibro as well .It's pretty confusing as I think the symptoms for both lupus and fibro and very similar .I have been off sick for 3 weeks now and still find it hard to sleep at night coz of the pain sonetimes .

I feel I am not alone here but I have alot of really nice people here to support and this support matters so much ,especially if family members don't really understand .

Thanks again .

My sincere prayers for you all .

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Hi Ayesham

So sorry you are suffering my friend I do hope you get some feedback from your rheumatologist soon.

Not getting enough sleep can be very exhausting hope this is not affecting you too much. It always seems to be the case that many illnesses interlink. Often symptoms are very similar and can be difficult to tell which illness is causing them. 3 weeks is a long time to have sickness has you spoken with your GP to check this out.

Keep sharing my friend we are here to support you.

good luck


Hello ayesham pleased to meet you, I agree it is always good to find a safe place where people understand how we feel when others may not. I am glad your going to see your doctor about your fingers. I don't have Raynauds's but I have heard it can be very painful. xx



It is a sad fact that fibro accompanies many other conditions, particularly autoimmune diseases.

I have lupus, Sjogrens, fibro, Hypothyroid, and Raynauds amongst other things and it can be difficult to know which bit is having a flare :(

There is medication you can take for Raynauds which opens the blood vessels to restore the blood to your extremities. Be aware to keep your feet warm so you don't get chilblains, and hand warmers are good for cold days.

Take care



Hi bluebell99

Thanks for your advice .I do wear gloves most of the time ,otherwise my hands are freezing most of the time .i will look for some hand warmers see if they help.

Thanks again

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Hi ayesham

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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The rheumy thinks my hands are from neurological issues.


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