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Thankyou Everyone


I'm new to this site and posted a blog about gabapentin. I want to say thankyou to everyone who replied. It's such a relief and a comfort to know i'm not the only one. There are alot of people in a very similar boat to me. No body understands how we feel, my husband and family try to be supportive but sometimes i feel like they're thinking "come on nicola pull yourself together". My gp looks at me like i'm a nut job and puts alot of down to anxiety.

It's like a weight has come off my shoulders as sorts to chat to people who undertsand and know it's not "all in our heads".

I've been taking gabapentin now for 2 days...the only thing i feel so far is a cracking headache in the morning...but it's early days. I think the docs are at a loss of what to prescribe...I'm on citalapram, amitryptaline, propranolol..have had mirtazapine, solphadol, the gaba. Hopefully i'll hear from the pain clinic soon.

Thankyou once again everyone...i hope i can make some good friends on here.

Big hugs


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I find no-one understands it either Nicola, people sometimes say oh, my friend's got that but they still don't understand it. I especially get embarrassed about the brain fog, when I'm speaking to someone on the phone I get muddled up and feel a right idiot and they don't understand, it's no good saying sorry, I've got fibromyalgia. I was speaking to one of the utility companies the other day and wanted to say electric fan heaters and just couldn't find the words and then the more I tried, the more stupid I felt.

My GP is really great but he's now working 2 days a week, and the same days I work unfortunately.

Hope the Gabapentin works soon, I suppose it doesn't work the same for everyone. Let us know how you get on at the pain clinic when you go.

Sue x


I'm afraid I was rather brutal with someone the other day who has dismissed my problems in the past. I try very hard not to judge people for this. However, she was telling me she had tonsillitis and that her skin felt uber sensitive, and that she felt like she'd been kicked from one end of the room to the other. I'm ashamed to say that I (under the influence of too much codeine maybe) walked away saying welcome to every minute of every day in my world.


I do that too...when someone whinges "Oh i feel so bad, i'm so tired"...i'm like i feel like that everyday...get a grip!. The other week some girl on fb was whineing about her bad back she'd had for 2 days and had everyone running around after her and a chiropractor come to her house...i wrote ffs girl i've put up with back pain and every other pain for the last 3years and have to still look after my kids, do housework etc and i have 4 kids, you got 2!

It does make you mad, you're not the only one hun lol x


Thankyou Christine x


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