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"Diagnosis day" 📝

"Diagnosis day" 📝

My dad has been a sufferer of fibromyalgia for 12 years now. He has seen his physiotherapist Kevin for that exact amount of time too. After the symptoms I had been feeling my dad urged me to give Kevin a visit too.

I never even knew most of these places on my body existed, wooooooooooow!

Dizziness gone ✅

Migraines gone ✅

Muscle pain, released ✅

Positive vibes, here ✅🙆🏽

I told Kevin my pains and my symptoms and he told me they were exactly the same as my dad when he first saw him 12 years ago. He then proceeded to tell me that he definitely thinks I have fibromyalgia due to the condition of my muscles and the sensitivity of my pressure points alongside all the other horrible symptoms our good old friend fibro comes with.

Here's to a future of good food 🥕🍎 and saying no to antidepressants 💊🚫

Happy Tuesday everyone ☀️✌🏽

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Sounds like that was a wise mive Lamby023

Onwards and upwards lets hope it has such a positive effect on you as it has with your dad.

Best of luck.

Take care



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Wow! What a great result! Long may you feel this way!

Make sure you see your GP though so that it can be confirmed and entered on your notes.


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Hi ive recently been diagnosed. Can i ask a couple of questions?

What do the physiotherapists do?

Im on antidepressants. I see you said saying no to anti depressants why is that?

And does eating more healthy help with symptoms.

Thank you x


Hi Lamb023

So glad you are feeling better, I go for a massage every 3 weeks to keep me going and she was the one who diagnosed me with fibro well before Dr did, thank goodness we have some people who know what they are doing. Hope it continues to give you relief and a laugh a day is better then a pill any day.

Love & Hugs


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I am genuinely delighted for you my friend, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck :)


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