Hi everyone! I hope you have all had a good day today!?!?!?!

I had an appointment with the rheumatologist today who after a conversation and looking at my notes and blood test results told me that I have a fibromyalgia type illness, thereafter he referred to it purely as fibromyalgia. So I have my diagnosis of fibromyalgia now I just need to work out what I do with my business going forward as the consultant told me to keep working as exercise is a key part of the treatment process?!?!?!?!? The only problem being driving and cleaning people's properties for up to 10hours a day may be over doing it a bit. Gotta wait 3 weeks to see the GP before I can get my new meds (another holiday for him), but feeling better knowing what I have wrong with me!

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  • Glad you have a diagnosis it can take years to get one. In my opinion you may have to have a contingency plan for cutting back your hours. The meds will take time to adjust to and have side effects themselves.

    Good luck


  • Thanks Patrick! I think I got lucky with the speed of my diagnosis due to family history and a helpful rheumatologist.

    My wife and I are planning the future of work/business over the next few days, I have already in the last few weeks cut back on a substantial amount of my hours.


  • I am so genuinely delighted that you have got a diagnosis but I am so sincerely sorry to read that you also have Fibro. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with your new medications when you get them. It is a great deal of hours to work ever day so I also want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your business.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • At least you know what you are dealing with now which I think helps in planning the way forward. So difficult when you have your own business but sometimes with creative thinking it can be more flexible. Do hope the meds work but a pity you have to wait so long can't one of the other GP's prescribe as I presume the specialist has sent a letter? Good luck with it all.x

  • Hi Rosewine,

    Yes the specialist is sending out a letter, but the last time I tried to get a second opinion at the surgery from one of our other GP's I was fobbed off with you need to speak to the same doctor for continuity. Needless to say I know when to fight the GP by now and when to leave it. Lol!!

  • Well it's good to put a name to it but it's not the best thing to have! My hyssop gave me a booklet on fibromyalgia which is printed by Arthritis Reasearch U.K on fibromyalgia that you may find useful. Hope you get medication soon

  • Should read, physio gave me a booklet........sorry!!!!

  • Lol! You have gotta love autocorrect!!!!

    They gave me nothing to read yesterday but I have been using a few sites like the NHS one for information along with family members who also suffer from fibromyalgia.

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