Introducing Wilma

Introducing Wilma

Good morning all. I would like to introduce you to Wilma, my new addition to our family since our sad loss, Mildred. Wilma is full of life and has a super character. Wilma is a great companion.

I would also like to update you on my life's progress since my early retirement from teaching as a result of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue impacting on my every moves. I am pleased to announce that have now completed my counselling trainee after five long years, and feel blessed to be working for a local charity run counselling establishment. I am also a volunteer mentor, working with young people.

I am now able to work at home as a counsellor, I have a keen interest to work with clients suffering from the impact fibromyalgia chronic fatigue and ME. It is great to know that I can work the hours that suits me, and rest as and when I need too.

I am all to aware how important self care is these days and the need to pace myself.

Lastly I would like to wish you all a positive, pain fee day.

Thank you for your continued support

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  • Wilma is gorgeous. So sorry about Mildred, I hope your new baby helps.

  • Thank you. Take care of you xxx

  • Oh shazzad Willma is absolutely gorgeous and looks a liitle barrel of mischief lol ☺☺☺ Well done in finishing your Counselling, 5 yrs, I managed 2 lol. What a brilliant job, I'm sure it will give you so much back and i wish you luck with it all. You sound so organised, it's great, I know how hard it is, I did similar when trying to run a house & bring 3 kids up with Fibro etc. Xx

  • Hello to you. Thank you for your lovely comments. Well done to is hard work bringing up children on your own and with the added difficulties fibromyalgia presents can be so challenging. I started training in 2008! Level then level 3 2012 and level 4 2013. You can always pick it back day when you feel ready to continue your journey. I would like to wish you lots of love, laughter and happiness xxx

  • Wills looks very perky ! Congrats on finishing your studies and working with the charity sounds ideal

  • Hello to you. Wills says thank you for your kind comments, and yes she is a perky little girl....she is smart and somewhat crafty!! Food wise...reminds us of the film Gone in 60 seconds. Have a fab evening.....and take care of you. Xxx

  • Please tell Wilma I do apologise for slip of the keyboard, it is forever altering my words !!

  • Hey, never gave it a thought......we quite often call her Wilmawoo's and she's happy with that too 🐶 xxxx

  • I love her name i had a neighbour called Wilma !!

  • Hi there

    Wilma looks delightful :)

    It is always lovely to hear how our members are doing.

    Congratulations on becoming a counsellor. Five years is such a long time to be studying for.

    It's great to hear how well you are doing.

    Lu xx

  • Thank you x

  • How do you like that breed? Really cute. If ever I need a companion in the future, i would like a smaller breed.

  • Congratulations on the degree as well. I am home feeling sad that i dont think I can work full time with my pain and problems, yet dont know what to do with myself.

  • Hello to you. Thank you, West highand terriers generally adjust to your way of life, I have found that they know instinctively when you are feeling really poorly. My last girl, was so patient and waited until I could take her out. I have also found that they will sit by my side if I am poorly all day every day! It can be frustrating work brain still needed stimulation as my body no longer functioned too well. I had a long physical career as a hairdresser and lecturer, and it was so hard to stop working with my creative passion i have for hairstyling. My aim now is to help and support others.... Believe xxx

  • Love the picture of Wilma and also the name. A close friend has one called Jack he is 14 now and a real character he loves a massage. He is as lively as you want him to be will walk long distances but just as happy to have a cuddle. I love him when he has been to what I call the "parlour" his coat is then Ice white in contrast to his black eyes.

    Wonderful news about you completing the Counselling I am sure you are a great asset to the charity. It is an inspiring story.x

  • Hello to you. Thank you for your lovely comments. Wilma has had her first experience at the groomers she looked and smelt lovely........such a shame she prefers to smell of foxes ??? I hope you have a good day. xxx

  • Hi shazzad

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Wilma looks a stunner and is so cute my friend, thank you so much for sharing. Thank you for the update as well, it is genuinely appreciated, and I am genuinely delighted to read that you are doing so well. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

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