Not been up to much rea

Not been up to much rea

Been a quiet month, well not really went out and not had visitors so only folk I see are my hubby and the kids. Been slower at crafting due to pain but am refusing to give up and let it win, cant move my left arm at all now, pain goes across my back, down my arm and up my neck to my ear so that's hurting to now, cani win. Heres a wee pic of what I managed to design freehand, little of detail was in my head but couldn't quiet translate it to the needles, wish I could do more things freehand so folk wouldn't keep copying me, I've had umpteen demands for the pattern, FREE of course, they think they can say please and I just give them it for free, if I decide to publish it there will be a cost which will go to a charity, just haven't figured out how to have it paid straight to a charity so nothing comes to me.

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  • Hi dizzylynn

    I think this time of year tend to be quiet for most of us, particularly if we are suffering with more pain like you.

    Still it has worked in your favour with the two little outfits, as you have been able to focus on them and they are lovely.

    It is very kind of you to donate the pattern money, and I think people should pay as it is all your hard work that has gone into it.

    As for giving the money to charity, why don't you contact one of them and ask how to make sure the money goes to them?

    Nice to see you back again, we have missed you.


  • As bluebell99 Kay says many charities, especially the smaller ones have ways you can do that perhaps using eBay as a new s if selling. Definately worth you approaching your chosen charity.

    If people ask you for the pattern free you could ask for a charity donation. Great little outfits.x

  • Aww they are lovely I find I can't concentrate on a pattern I've been using Arran wool and knitting cushion covers but like your self have to give in for a couple of days due to pain in arm shoulder and neck so know what it's like so frustrating so keep up the good work and also the charity help as well 😃xx

  • Hi dizzylynn

    They look absolutely amazing as usual, thank you so much for sharing my friend. I sincerely hope that your pain eases soon for you and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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