Flower of the Week

Flower of the Week

This clematis is still in flower in my garden. In fact, its the only thing left in flower. I had my garden cleared this week. It was so overgrown that next years growth would have been swamped. The bulbs will now grow unhindered - I have snowdrops just showing already! All the other perennials will be ok too. So I will have to trawl through my photo stock of flowers this winter - such a hardship!!!

Hope you are all having the best day - Helen X

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  • Hi

    I still have climbing roses in flower, don't know what is happening with the seasons lately.


  • It's beautiful.

  • Thanks so much my friend it is absolutely stunning! x :)

  • Lovely Clematis :-)

    I noticed a rose bush which had been devoid of leaves now quite well covered, it's a baby climber. Went and checked the others but no, no new life in them.

    I wish I had a garden, it's constantly being covered in cardboard at the moment to be rejigged and plants in pots.

    There is an anemone flower bud waiting for ............ but will open up one day soon :-)

  • That is lovely. I'll bet a few flowers are going to drop off now. Temperature is plummeting. :(

  • Winter is on the way - however, my snowdrops are already peeping through! Helen X

  • Thankyou, so lovely ,natures painting, thankyou for sharing, your a star x

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