Are our results really ours?

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I was just told that "Its not the health trust policy to issue" results and reports. This in response to my first ever outright request for any result/scan/report.

What can I quote to get round this obstructive statement?

Is it true? Are they ours? Explain please

Thanks so much

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  • Hi Footygirlagain

    As far as I am aware, you have to apply to your own GP practice for any medical records and you are entitled to have them. You will have to pay and there are exceptions which I have pasted below along with a link to the pdf fie entitled: *How to obtain access to your medical records: A patient’s guide:


    *Are there any exceptions?

    If healthcare professionals believe that information in the records would cause serious

    harm to your physical or mental health, they are entitled to refuse access to some or all

    of your records. Access may also be withheld if the records relate to, and identify,

    another person. If you are applying for the records of another party (e.g. a child), you

    will not be allowed access to any information which the patient gave on the

    understanding that it would remain confidential. If access to any of the records is

    refused, the healthcare professional is not required to tell you the reasons why.

    I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • hi Ken

    read your post and the article,from experience -what if the reason a patient cant see their records.results because the gp has made false accusations and they have something to hide?i have contacted nhsengland to find out why gp's surgeries dont allow patients access to their records online as the facility is there but they block access,cant even view test results.i know for a fact that they have recorded defamatory comments about me.

  • Hi dolphin33 I can imagine that they would use the 'serious harm' section of the application to not allow you access to your records? It would be highly unethical but thy could claim that this would cause harm?

    If I were in this position I would pay for the complete paper notes (if they allowed) and scrutinise them to see what they had written and ask for written explanations for the comments? It may be worth a try?

    Good luck my friend


  • thanks Ken

    they are causing more harm by not acknowledging or accepting anything i tell them and yes i will ask for explanation but will it damage the damage they have already caused by their negativity or lack of support.

  • Yes, I agree completely my friend. If they do not listen and have already made up their mind before you walk through the door then you are not getting proper care!

  • Thank you Ken for your long researched reply. I shall use your links to inform my response to this

    Bless you


  • Good luck Footygirlagain my friend :)

    PS. I love the little football giff

  • I'm not sure are wanting to see all your medical records or just get a report on certain tests.

    I have been sending in a writen request to my surgery every time I have a test done 2 weeks ago was the last one, requesting a copy of my recent xray. I have never had any trouble receiving a report.

    As Ken said I do beleive you may have to pay if you wish to see all your records not sure how that works.

    If you just want a copy of recent results I would talk to your practice manager. I don't think they can refuse them only under certain circumstances. Good luck.


  • Thanks Dizzy.

    I go straight to the practice manager, in writing, and pay £15 for my GP records. That, this year has fuelled my indignation that numberless requests for review from specialists, of certain tests, specific investigations etc have been ignored carte blanch by every Great Plonker in my surgery. Now I want primary resource material to see and draw my increasingly knowledgeable conclusions. I think not wanting sueing for missing things on radiological film is the bottom of it. I may take ultrasound for example for second opinion. Proof mistakes get made. Not that that is not possible, rarely!!!

    On another forum one person asks to see image of MRI etc and takes picture on phone whilst in Goofy Persons room, and succeeds. Nice one. Granted resolution wd not be the best. Maybe proof though, that you are keen!!!😀



  • hello Mo.i ve paid for copies of my notes from the surgery and two health authorities.but have not had since june,i want to see the details of consultations since june to see what other defamatory /false comments/accusations etc they ve last lot i got could have been reduced as repeated records of consultations/tests-very confusing,going to ask for copies since june.

  • Hi there dolphin 33 If you have not received what you have paid for I would be asking for my money back.


  • Dolphin33 have you tried talking to PALS they are the liaison team between doctors and patients. Just a thought. good luck.


  • hi Mo yes i Have ,they advised I contact NHSENGLAND ,i have contacted PALS a few times and they say it s not their area and pass the buck onto someone else

  • Hi Mo

    i didnt explain that right.I paid for my records up until the time i applied for them which was up until may this year.

  • It must vary according to where you live. I always get a report from the hospital and if i want a report from my GP i just ask.

  • All our reports from the hospital go to the GP. Unless they find something wrong we don't get notified. But we can ring the office and we will be told all is ok. Then if I want a copy of the hospital report I get one with no trouble at all. As you say It must depend on where you live.


  • Hi dizzy

    Ive run into this. I dont agree that a filing clerk give me any information, on my medical reports, likewise being asked what an appointment is for. Both these things try to happen in my surgery. I try to make an appointment or refuse to anwser the question when this comes up.

    Another unacceptable short cut in healhcare


  • getting copies of my medical records was for my benefit so i know when conditions started and to see what scandalous comments gp wrote about me,i was right to cos he accused me of "angling " for meds ,not believing him etc.when it was other way round.

    gp's charge for everything they can.

  • As Ken says unless you are the exception you should be able to gain access to your medical records from the GP. Hospital ones I don't know, but then they always write to your GP and I always ask either the hospital or GP for a copy of these letters. The hospital also informs your GP if you have been to A&E.

    Any scans MRIs or similar get reported by a radiologist and then the conclusions passed on to the referring consultant or GP and appropriate action taken if needed, bearing in mind that you may be told the results are normal or as near as not to be concerned about. My GP has told me that he is not able to read scans which is fair enough as he is not a specialist like a consultant so goes by what they report to him. He has always been happy to discuss results with me. Blood tests results are either given to me by my GP or the consultant. I have seen copies of them on and off over the years but they don't mean anything to me unless explained by my GP and in the context of why I was having them.

    Hopefully this should be the case for everyone.

  • Thats my point Panda. I am far from exceptional most of us are not and we have to battle for every scrap of information, every request for a test in the first place too.

    You are probably in the minority here who enjoy a full and open communication with your docs. Not all of us are so lucky.

    Be grateful for that valuable easy relationship. You are well tended by caring docs. Well done

    Best wishes


  • i have been told so many times that Ive had scans that were normal but they forget that they were month s/years before and symptoms started after scans were done.I had a scan in June which was said to be "normal" but my latest symptoms -dizziness and swelling started in august,

  • totally share your experience Footygirlagain

    when i first had head symptoms told gp -did nothing-refused scan initially,ct scan said to be normal-not seen the actual scan result,

  • my surgery will allow patients to see their computerised records in presence of a member of staff and can request paper hospital sent me discs with my scans on but they meant nothing to me without an expert to tell me what i am looking at

    when i paid for private screening the gp did not explain what the abnormal test was.

    In the last 4-5 years the gp's have not accepted what the consultants have told them ie-she doesnt have IBS,she has changes to her face shape.Her symptoms are all upper abdominal and not related to her diet.

  • I had a chest x ray yesterday after i went to my GP about acid reflux causing me to have bouts of caughing when food or acid got into my lungs. after 2 xrays and 2 lots of Antibiotics I went for another x ray yesterday and got talking to the radiographer. when i said that i thought it was reflux causing it he went back for another look at my x rays and agreed with me that it could be acid reflux causing it.

    My Gp hadnt ruled out reflux and was just making sure that it was not a chest infection.

    I would think that this bit of info will be going back to my GP. Then we start looking at treatment alternatives, I think that we have come to a dead end as far as medication and diet is concerned but would quite happily go for an op if it will solve the problem.

  • hello Mayrose

    I have never heard of food or acids getting into the lungs?is it possible?Any stomach/oesophaegal problems would require an endoscopy?i have coughing bouts when ever i lie down which could be acid reflux.

    i was told by two gp's they do not do operations for acid reflux or haitus hernia

  • They don't do operations for those conditions.

  • NHS choices, Acid reflux treatments, there are several operation options. sorry aot the short answer, fog :)

  • i guess that when food "goes down the wrong way" it goes into the lungs-thev muscle that prevents this happening isnt doing what its supposed to,

  • Hello Footygirlagain,,,, you have the right to see your results,,,and have them explained to you,,,could it be they don't have the right words to explain them to you?,,,,,get the consultant to do this explaining and make it a point in your records that all reports and gp letters are automatically copied to you, in all matters,,,,i have this done,,,,and had a session with one set of results ,,and made them send me an x-ray report,,,they were not happy,,,but the sent one report to me,,,eventually,,,,keep on at them and then remind them you can always make a complaint to the ceo,,and the board,,,see if they like that,,,,,remind them it is important to you that*- you understand the condition and the following the treatment plan and medications,,,,good luck in your quest,,,ttfn from Karen.

  • In a perfect world Scouse

    I had a ct scan to rule out a few things. I mean a list.

    I got four lines from the Gastro and no follow-up appointment to discuss any of the results!

    Talk about brick wall. I rang the GP, who was not present at the Gastro Apt so didnt know the complexity of the ct scan and she said same four lines.


    Red or blue Scouse?


  • Hi Footygirlagain,,,,,the nhs brickwall is getting difficult to get through,,,,and understanding the frustration you are feeling is so hard on your life.

    In pain is something that is felt only by the person and nobody understands how it affects you,,,,I have the most of my pain from my OA,,,and working at managing it without too much pain meds,,,,my thyroid is just sitting there and does not seem to be giving me any jip,,,well for now anyway,,,,,

    Have you tried Reiki?,,,,non invasive,,but very good for making you feel better and really helps pain,,,,it might be worth it,,,and may even give you so relief from the pain,,,,and it might give you some help with the type of pain you are feeling,,,,and have you considered Reflexology?,,,this feels all the points within your body,,,and also may help with niggles,,,,,it also is worth a try,,as it can sometimes help with improving the conditions you have,,,

    I am Red,

  • Thanks for that appreciate it

    5-0 tonight??


    Oh well 0-0 better than 0-1!

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