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Chronic fatigue or lazy?

Trust me, I don't even consider myself lazy, but i go to do 30 min of shopping, then feel like I need a nap. I'm ashamed of myself lol. I worked last evening and I'm out of commission for two days. But I had to go get some food. I literally spent two days eating peanut butter cause I didn't have energy left to cook. It's so frustrating. Now I know my house looks like a disaster and was struck by the slob mob... But I just want to lay here and not move. My eyes are so heavy, and I just feel like I need sleep. I'm getting brain zaps every 10 seconds from antidepressants I don't even want to be on, but my doctor thinks I'm depressed. I'm feeling like a hypochondriac every day! LOOOOL

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No your not lazy just being struck by that dreaded fibro fatigue that can drink the will to literary routine foot in front of the other from us. That is where internet shopping comes in, well iffog doesn't descend like yesterday and a certain personage eg Moi thought she had ordered it to be delivered only finding out when it did not arrive as anticipated that she had clicked click and collect instead. I therefore had to make frantic phone calls and make a 50 minute round trip to go and collect it, grhh. I have now started to keep one or two meals you can cook from frozen. I know they aren't the same but ended up four days last week just having soup and fruit so van sympathise

Hate antidepressants they don't seem to suit me at all, the last lot I tried gave me side effects as though I was having a heart attack, very frightening. Didn't help the pain or insomnia as promised either.

Hope the energy fairy visits you tomorrow. I likened us to Duracell bunnies the other day who had had did batteries fitted. Take care of yourself.x


I know how you feel it took me quite a while to face the fact that I am not being lazy and to stop worrying about the way the house looked to other people. If they cannot accept that I am physically unable to be the person I once was well that's their problem, it's hard enough for me to come to terms with let alone worry about them! I wish you only good thoughts and hope you have a more peaceful time. Best regards x


Please don't feel bad about something that's so out of your control . You're not alone in this; we all have a ridiculous pattern to our days because of these energy lapses. We have to try to be aware of what our bodies are needing and supply it, even if it means going to bed or flaking out in the chair at inconvenient times. Pacing myself is the only way I have found to have days in which I can actually do something - and still the fatigue takes huge chunks out of my life.

Sending gentle hugs and hoping that you feel better soon. Anna xxx


I dont even believe in the word lazy. Its our cultures puritan work ethic making everyone believe if youre not rushing around exhausting yourself and being a martyr, then you must be 'lazy'. I think its partly why i got fibro - my parents and school (not abnormally) were v achievement orientated, at the expense of actually enjoying your life or listening to your feelings. Im still trying to counteract this indoctrination.

Anyway, you are NOT lazy!



Hay looking4me

It's your house not theirs, you have our friend(fiend) Mr Fibro, and they don't, they should be grateful not full of criticism.

How you live is your choice, you live ask you can, like to see them in the same situation.

Never, ever, feel ashamed of your house. If they think it should be better, then it's up to them to help you but no one will.

Hayesider, on your side, live life as you feel you can xxxxxxxxxxx


Hi looking4me

I am so genuinely sorry to read of how you are feeling and if you need to rest then please rest as you could easily make yourself feel worse? I do not believe for one moment that you are lazy as you appear to be suffering with Fibro Fatigue. Please take care my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Your not lazy chronic fatigue syndrome is an illness I've just finished a block of hyperbaric oxygen therapy it's did 15 in a row now two a week it's not been easy at times I wanted to give in but I'm glad to say I can now see that I'm much improved read my posts it may help sending you get well hugs jane🤗🤗



I think we all go through questioning ourselves that somehow LAZY--ITIS has taken root.

If you think about it this attitude it's self is about beating yourself up "fighting your illness"

As to the the house falling apart,,, to some extent or another that happens to a great percentage of us. Again think about it, the pain, energy depletion and last but certainly not least the FOG. It is a recipe for disaster in the best organised of houses.

Fibro beats us all hard enough without beating ourselves up for having it !


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you are NOT lazy, you are depleted of energy! fibro and chronic fatigue are silent monsters that lurk within us and zap our energy. the housework can wait, sleep and sleep some more. do not feel guilty.

hugs x


I have had bouts of really bad fatigue sleeping for days like you to tired to eat.

I convinced my Gp to scribe me modafinal /provigal

GAME CHANGER now I'm not going to run any marthons, but never sleep more than 8 to 10 hours a night i.e. "time spent in bed"

and feel awake within 10 to 15 minutes of taking it with the energy to get stuff down , you know the stuff that needs to be done like food and hygiene maybe an odd trip to the supermarket, or the banking etc!

Hope this helps


Difficult I know but don't let your Dr push you around and befuddle you with 'his' thinking I have spent years telling Docs that I am reactively depressed to the illness and d o not need anti- depressants but to get to grips with the illness and what help I can have for that...The fibro Consultant I saw agreed with me so that has given me ammunition should I need it.

Usually I am quite open to others opinions but on this I am firm. I have enough to cope with without the side effects of tablets but this is only for me... you obviously have to find what suits you.

Its easy when feeling sooo tired n fed up to be pushed into 'stuff'....on the off chance that it might just help.

You are certainly not lazy...but I know that thinking trap very well...

Be nice to yourself and thanks for your

post on here..


I feel like a hypochondriac too and I am sure docs think I am. Xx


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