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Is chronic fatigue syndrome Part of fibromyalgia?

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If so I came across a really interesting article. It discusses some physiological processes and some solutions for symptoms of the syndrome such as pain on exercise, low energy levels and Orthostatic BP issues. You will find it here.

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no separate conditions

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Mariobrother in reply to desquinn

Some ppl say it's the same condition

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The two often come hand in hand a specialist from Sheffield once told me he also diagnosed me with both conditions

I think it can be separate conditions or linked together. Interesting article--- I've thought for a while that mitochondrial malfunction causes the fatigue.

I get chronic fatigue with my fibro and I think it's the worst symptom. It's not's absolute exhaustion, sometimes for doing absolutely nothing. Take care

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as a condition - chronic fatigue syndrome /ME is a separate condition ...

however - i read the title as asking whether chronic fatigue was a symptom of fibromyalgia (before reading the post) ..... so in this case yes its a main symptom. xxx

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I have been diagnosed now with both and also sleep apnea I’m reading more and more that people with fibromaylia have cfs , although they are separate they can be very similar .

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I was diagnosed with ME/CFS in 2007 and then last year diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and from experience I can tell you the are different conditions with some similar symptoms. My doctor said people with ME quite often end up with Fibro and vice versa. It’s not great as you get a double whammy of fatigue and pain on top of pain, but you just got to plod on and hope tomorrow is a better day, and you know what, sometimes it is. You’ll find I don’t post on here a great deal, I only post on a good day, so yes today is a good day 😀🤗😀xxx

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Wonkybear500 in reply to tas69

Hey can I ask, what are your experiences of them as different. I’ve been diagnosed with CFS since 2012, but now am really sure I have fibro into and was wondering what differences you see between the two so I could compare? Xx

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Chest1 in reply to Wonkybear500

I posed the question as there does not seem to be any clear cut distinctions between the two. Even my doctors can't agree what is wrong so I struggle on. Have been given pain management techniques but was already practicing them as I'm really proactive and strong willed. I take gabapentin as I have temporal lobe disturbances and I find even a low dose has a soporific effect which helps. So I take 10mgs at night and the same in the morning. Unfortunately I have bouts of extreme pain for weeks in my arms and legs and some times my whole body. When that happens I just have to go to bed as paracetamol doesn't work, I can't take Ibroprofen or similar and I'm not prepared to take Cocodamol all the time which just takes the edge off it. Then I seem to go in to remission. I'm always so grateful when I have a normal day and go around grinning and walk fast.

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Angelicscripts6 in reply to Chest1

Hi I have ME diagnosis from specialist in ME yrs prior to Fibromyalgia. ....medication Gabepentine causes similar problems for me also....have a sub arachnoid cyst right temperol lobe and the medication I cannot tolerate ....makes brain shut down ....

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I started getting a throbbing pain on the left side of my chest just below my collarbone, but I didn’t think much of it, then over the course of 2 years I was getting different pains than my normal aching muscles, leg spasms and bone pain.

Spasms in my torso and back, burning sensation in my hips, legs and arms, sore ribs like there were bruised. 1 minute I’d have stabbing pains in my stomach for a few seconds and then next thing them pains would stop and start in my arm, but I really new these wasn’t just my ME when I bumped my head and the pain lasted for almost 3 hours a couple of weeks after that my dropped a can of deodorant on my foot the pain was so excruciating I had a limp and again the pain didn’t stops for hours.

Then 1 morning I woke up and my body was stiff as a board and my bones were felt frozen, I felt like if I bent a limb it would snap.

My walking got worse because I had pains in my feet and on top of my normal aching muscles I had burning, knife stabbing, frozen knitting needle stabs and bone pain that was worse then ever.

It took my doctor 10 mins to diagnose me and referred me straight to pain management. Hope this helps xxx

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Chest1 in reply to tas69

Tried the pain management and it doesn't stop it happening. Hope it helped you. Xx

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tas69 in reply to Chest1

I’ve seen the the PM doctor, the physio and the psychologist the psychologist is going to give me 1 on 1 sessions with her to teach me the technique of mindfulness as I have tried to teach myself via YouTube, as I have already done physio and CBT which were a complete waist of time about 8 years ago when I went to rehab for ME the only thing I got out of that was the pacing which I still use today.

I’ve been wanting to learn mindfulness for so long, but I didn’t want to go to classes for meditation I’m not the sort of person who does well in groups

I learn much better and quicker 1 on 1, this way I get what I want and for free 👍xxx

I would say yes if can get diagnosed

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