Using a computer - is your fibro making it difficult?

I get a newsletter from Information Now. It is for older people in Newcastle and has some very interesting info. I found this link today on computing - AbilityNet fibromyalgia and computing. It is an article for fibro sufferers who are having difficulty with using computers. If any of you could do with some help with this problem give the link a go, you may find it helpful. Helen X

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  • Hi Helen

    You are welcome to put the link onto the forum provided that there is no advertising on the page that the link would take us to?

    There is currently no link visible.

    I hope that made some sense?!

    Lu x


  • There are no adds. Afraid I am not good with links etc. All I can say is that the Information Now bulletin is run by the Elders of Newcastle and I receive their newsletter which is full of info for older people. Will try and find a link but dont hold your breath!! Helen X

  • Hi

    Is this the one


  • I would like to send a copy of that newsletter to my mother in law who lives in Hazelrigg. She is so technophobic she won't even get a computer, despite the fact she used to use one at work!

    My Mum has never used one in her life and has no intention of ever doing so, despite regularly complaining that you can't do anything these days unless you are online! To be fair though she does always say her middle name is Luddite!

    Is this the link you are referring to slomotion xxx 😁

  • Not very good at links, in fact, I have just looked for someone else and cannot find one. I receive the InformationNOW newsletter which is posted by the Elders of Newcastle. They are an active group of people who work and campaign for older people in the region. If you search for the above you may be able to find it. Sorry I cant be of more help. Try omitting the slomotion bit. Will keep looking. Helen X

  • Thanks for posting this slomotion, it's very helpful.

    The link to this article is

    Take care.

    GP. 😊😊

  • That is wonderful, thank you so much for sharing my friend :) x

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