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I have only been on Amytriptaline for a few weeks and when I increased the dose I felt less tired after a few days, but then my energy level plummeted. I think this may happen each time I increase the dose, but only time will tell. I have been taking Tramadol for a spinal problem for some time, I have been reducing the dose slowly but it has never had any effect on my fibro pain. However, a couple of nights ago my legs were causing me pain so I took 1 Tramadol and 1 Paracetamol and it reduced the pain enough for me to get to sleep and I slept for 4 hours and then dropped off again for a few hours. It is OK to take these drugs together, I have a friend who is a very experienced pharmacist and he recommended taking them together if the Tramadol were taking time to be effective. I have repeated this several times now and it is helping me sleep, so I shall continue. Perhaps I have found something that will work for me.

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  • I was told at the pain clinic to take paracetamol with my Tramadol. Yes, it really does help. Like you it is prescribed for spinal problems. I find that amitriptylene helps with Fibro and am currently on 100mg. I don't get the muscle problems like I used to. I get fed up dropping off half way through a good telly programme at night mind you lol, but I'm getting used to it 😀

  • Hi, I've been on tramadol and I've taken paracetamol at same time for headaches, I mentioned this to my pain management people at hospital and they said they do work together, as they work on different pains, I've got four different pains so each of my tablets do a different one. I use to be on Amytriptaline but now off them as I had injections and they wanted me off most of the tablets, I must admit I am feeling a lot better without the amount of tablets I was on and feeling the benefit of the injections I received. Hope this helps X

  • Hi Maggiefloss

    Have you tried taking your Amitryptyline at around 6pm rather than just before you go to bed? This does help reduce grogginess the next day.

    As far as taking Tramadol and Paracetamol together, yes this is ok and is how I take my meds. I have checked with numerous doctors who have told me it's ok to take them together.

    However, I am not a medical professional so I would strongly recommend that you give your local pharmacist a call and check with them.

    I appreciate that your friend is a pharmacist, but it may be a good idea to get some "unbiased" advice to help you feel comfortable about this.

    Wishing you less pain and more peace

    Lu xx

  • I take my Amitryptyline about 8pm Blue Mermaid, I was thinking of taking it earlier so I may try that. My friend gave me the advice about Tramadol some time ago and is totally impartial in his advice, being principal pharmacist at a large hospital he knows about all drugs, ancient and modern! However, I am only taking a couple of drugs so if you are taking more it would be sensible to ask a pharmacist as some drugs do react with others. My local pharmacy is very good, they have a computerised system and if you go for 'over the counter' medicines, they always check that they don't react with your prescribed meds. Better than the GP sometimes.

    Hope everyone is having as good a day as can be.

  • I'm an ex drugs worker, though not a Dr know quite a bit. Taking tramadol and paracetamol together is basically a stronger version of co-codamol. You're taking Tramadol instead of codeine both of which are opiates. Drugs you should never take together are things like Asprin and Ibuprofren as they are both NSAID (same family of pain killers) Hope this helps to clarify somewhat.

  • well you have an answer. Pharmacist and doctor are qualified to tell what can and cannot be mixed. I found each time I varied the dosage, it was like starting from scratch and took a couple of weeks to settle down. I also found early evening better as I didn't get the morning hangover as bad. There are "med alert" type websites that will warn of any bad mixes when you enter your list of meds and supplements if you take them. Still the GP/pharmacy is the ultimate authority for this info.

    I didn't like dropping off but it was a price to pay for some relief.

  • Hi Maggiefloss from Nurse Gladys Emanuel (open all hours) I used the same dosage you have tried at night for fibro, restless legs, OA and "yes" it does help but please Do NOT go over that dosage until you ask your g.p as other meds you might be having could clash and make you feel very rough or drowsy... Good Luck keep with us.

  • Yes Nurse Gladys, I wouldn't do it withough advice. They are the only meds I take. I wanted some Gaviscon as I had heartburn and the pharmacist even checked for that and told me to take it two hours before anything else.

  • Glad that you have found something to relieve your pain. Taking two different painkillers together is always more effective (as long as they are different categories of painkillers!) I always take paracetamol with my Naproxen which before had little effect whilst now it does. Hugs x

  • Maggiefloss , Glad to hear your getting some sleep.I would think if gp gave you meds they can be taken together; it only makes sense to me.Good luck. Peck.🐤

  • Yes that is how I was prescribed it Tramadol and paracetamol together. Unfortunately the Tramadol didn't suit me so back to the drawing board on that one!

    Even with the same drug I think the body needs to adjust when the fuse goes up or down. Good luck with the Amytrapaline.x

  • Hi rose wine. I took tramacet which is tramadol and paracetamol combined. It didn't suit me. Someone suggested gabapentin. I mentioned it to my GP and have now been taking it together with my usual painkiller for over two weeks. It has reduced the pain in my legs which kept waking me up at night. Tha gabapentin works on nerve ends. Perhaps it might help you.

  • Thanks for the suggestion unfortunately I am already on the sister drug to Gabapentin which is Pregablin. It has helped but unfortunately I can only tolerate being on a reasonably low dose of I turn into a good imitation if a Zombie Queen. Wish these meds. didn't have such horrendous side effects. Glad it has helped you so you can get some rest as things always seem worse at night.x

  • I thought it was good when something worked, no thinking that probably thousands had already tried it! I will remember the gabapentin peggwest just in case I need it.

  • Hi Maggiefloss

    I am so gneuinely delighted to read that this combination is working for you and I sincerely hope that it continues. I do not take either of these as I could not get on with Amitriptyline, so I have it's sister drug, Nortriptyline. I also use Cocodamol, Nefopam and Pregabalin.

    I want to genuinely wish you all the best and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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