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Fibro and meningitis

2 years living with fibromyalgia 4 months ago came down with viral meningitis 😒 Been real depressed lately the recovery is horrible. Experience mild fevers at night and when I wake not sure if you all experience that with the fibro or should I direct that to my recover for VM? My pain with fibro is mainly in my legs and feet it's worse seems like in summer. So over this pain and not to add Ive gained weight from taking lyrica. Depressing 😩

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So sorry to hear about all you have going on.I suffer with major depression and I know how that can be.I wish you the very best with sorting what you can and living with what you can't control. Take care. Peck.🐤

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Hi Day7

I am so genuinely sorry to read of how poorly you have been and I want to sincerely wish you a full and speedy recovery. Please talk to your doctor about exactly how you are feeling if you are feeling down my friend? Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



We all get depressed with our conditions and medications Licra and all the crap we have to do I'm in horrible pain and got Tinnatas to so hellish but there's people to help us and talk too, find a subject and we will all get it going xxx,


I've been really focusing on spritual guidance through my pain and have been having thoughts of slowly decreasing my dose of lyrica only because I feel like my body is taking in to much medication. Pain pills at times was on lyrica and Cymbalta for a moment stopped taking the Cymbalta per my Rhuematory doc when I fell ill with VM. I'm 37 and was active have 3 girls that depend on me and my spouse who I'm sure he wishes he had his spunky lady back. I know he reassures me that he loves me no matter what but I can't help but to feel like I'm not the same person I once was. I pray faithfully and ask God to please give me those good days so I can be my old self for one day 🙏Not struggle with pain so it doesn't cause me to be sad and in a grumpy mood. One day I have faith I will beat this and hopefully get my confidence back of just being able to be me... Thank you all for listening was just a Rough day today we all have those and most of all a emotional one 😕


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