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Communication difficulties between GP and specialists

Hi all, can anyone tell me f poor communication issues they have had between their own GP and any of the consultants their GP has referred them too?

I recently had my annual Rheumatology appointment at Northampton hospital but I live in MK. The problem was that he was only still concerned with the Raynaud's phenomenon, but since August 2015 my health has rapidly declined, my brains ability to fuse the two images has been destroyed, I have received a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, my blood work showed significant elevation of LDH (inflammation marker) and the rapid increase of trigeminal neuralgia attacks have all been withheld from the specialists dealing with my health problems.

How can it be possible to identify and medicate my health problems if there is a lack of sharing any updates regarding my health.

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Do they actually talk to each other?


I am aware of the contact made to my GP from the Rheumatology secretary shortly after my first appointment with the results of my blood test and chest x-ray, so I believe that my GP surgery ought to have also shared any results even if my GP feels trivial, because she is not the specialist and therefore it is not her call to decide what is significant or not to share with my consultant.


Although I've not encountered this myself.

I do understand what you mean though, it does seem that in this day and age with modern tech that this is the case! It should be so easy to do. The only thing that happened to me was that my dr had to chase up the hospital neurologist as they took an age to send her the letter and diagn.

I would complain if I was you, in writing.

Good luck and best wishes.


Hi Queencara78

I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend, and it is not something that I have experienced. I can imagine it happens a great deal however if one professional believes something to be of lesser importance than another?

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you




NB Can I respectfully remind members of the guidelines when answering this post, as HU community atmosphere guidelines, state that HU ''is not a forum to create negative impressions about identifiable individuals''. So please do not try to name and shame individuals or trusts.

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I have haihus hernia and have been waiting since April for a diagnos of ME have fibro have waited again since April for ultrasound on leg

Have written to local MP and he will be attending our fmcppopinclub session t the end of August


Hello Everyone from Nurse Gladys Emanuel (open all hours again) much better with the waterworks! reading members issues over g.p and consultants, I find its secretarial shortage of "putting the filing in the right notes" medical files are divided up into specialities with colour coded divider-not too difficult a task you would think, BUT by the time the secretary gets her signed/read mailed back from the consultant , the medical file has been taken to another speciality as most of us have more than one illness and see several hospital medics, and so the notes not filed pile up until the secretary requests them back again to do her filing (which they seldom have time to do) I have known my rheumatologist fone his secretary and ask her if she has results and paperwork in her "filing tray" and send a porter to collect them to continue my appointment! The Admin system in hospitals needs a complete overhaul, no good buying them the state of art computer systems to speed up input unless they supply more people to file, transports files, an old fashioned system called PAS is still inplace in many hospitals which tells everyone where our files a re currently-that is if the person holding on to them bothers to input this information! Many don't "!! My g.p surgery can access path lab results on surgery system-not sure if that national yet.


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