Internet Blogger writes good post to describe Fibro

Internet Blogger writes good post to describe Fibro

Hi All,

The post is called "Don't know , Can't Imagine - What Fibromyalgia feels like? Now you'll know

Please see link to read:

I know often the community has people asking how to explain to others, so this might go some way to achieving some understanding maybe?

Look forward to your replies

Best Wishes

Emma :)

4 Replies

  • I think I'm going to be emailing that one around a bit :P

    I'm glad to say I'm not as bad as that but can fully understand the description.

  • I saved this myself it's very good !

  • This really helps in explaining it. I used to make myself do things for my children like school events and activities. I feel like I'm walking in quick sand that's filled with pins and needles. I thought I was the only one. It helps to know I'm really not alone but it's actually sad there are others who are suffering too.

  • That is really good, thank you Emma x :)

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